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How do I tell you who I am, when I'm not even sure of that myself? I'll take a crack at it I suppose.

I have amazing kids who are everything to me. I love writing, even though I definitely need work on it. I'm basically a big kid who enjoys kid like things. I'm a star wars, marvel, and all around nerdy son of a bitch. I fall in and out of love with pro wrestling. I enjoy leather-bound books that smells of rich mahogany. I work in a furniture store, but that's just part of my secret identity, I actually help the PJ Mask at night. Who do you think builds their vehicles and weapons? Yeah. This guy.

So after destroying the ring of power, my cousin and I decided that we would join forces and continue the good fight, create a website, and take over the world! Some of this isnt true.

So back to me and few facts that you may need, in case of a random pop quiz at your neighborhood food market. (I'm everywhere!)

Favorite book: Rouge Squadron Favorite movie: Aliens, although I can write 50 more that could be tied with this Favorite food: Taylor ham and egg sandwich Favorite music: Almost anything. From Frank Sinatra to Eminem to John Williams to Linkin Park. Favorite submission hold: Definitely the sharpshooter Favorite all time movie character: Gotta say it's probably Jack Burton from Big Trouble Little China or Ash from Evil Dead Favorite Graphic novel: Anything TMNT, especially the newer series Favorite games: TMNT, BF4, Wildlands, Madden, Metal Gear solid, Rebellion, Transformers, Liberty or Death. It's a long list. Sport teams: Yankees, Giants, Knicks, and Florida Panthers

I live in a bubble of emotion, I'm random, I lose every pair of sunglasses I have and I blame Dobby the stupid house elf, I love movies, I love cargo shorts, I love the fall, and I love the days leading up to Christmas. I think Cookie monster murders people, but that's just me.



Im a kid stuck in an adult body

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