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You know the legend of the two wolves? Inside every person, two wolves are fighting. One represents love, light, and hope, while the other represents hatred, darkness, and bitterness. When asked which wolf would emerge the victor of the bloody brawl, well, that all depends on which wolf a person feeds. I've had both wolves in my back yard, and they both have a rapacious appetite.

The point of my terrible paraphrasing is that humanity interests me. My own. Others'. Creativity is a facet of our humanity, and there's nothing that I enjoy more than witnessing the outpouring of one's self through the written word, or on canvas, or in the melody of an instrument. When people create, they stitch a little bit of their soul into their work. I can only hope that you see and appreciate the bit of soul that I bare.

Who am I? I'm just a crazy cat lady from Middle Tennessee. (No, seriously, I'm maid, chef, and heating pad to six furry fiends.) I love animals, and my husband and I enjoy learning about and caring for various critters--we also have a tank of axolotls and in the past have kept blue crayfish, a salamander, and red cherry shrimp. Aside from being an amateur zookeeper (really, the six felines may as well be six little horses galloping around the house) I have quite a few interests and hobbies. I'll be brief--though I do warn you, despite being rather introverted, I can talk your ear off. That must be the Southern gal in me.

*Occupation: Taking time off as a TA with Pre-K to pursue other career options.

*Favorite Hobby: Where to even start.

--I write and would love to be a published author someday. I write short stories, poetry, fanfictions of games and songs, and reviews of things I like.

--I draw and paint. Acrylic is not my forte, but I try, haha. I much prefer pencil and ink, and I dabble in pyrography.

--I game with my husband and am a longstanding PlayStation fangirl. This activity is probably my biggest time sink.

--BOARD GAMES--bring on game night at the kitchen table! We have a lot, so don't hesitate to ask what I'm into.

--Reading is a huge pleasure of mine, though I have a major case of book ADD lately.

--Music Junkie

--Movie and anime junkie. Give me horror and samurai swords!!

--I love nature, and while I am by no means athletic, I do like to be outside walking, or playing disc golf, or kayaking.

*Favorite Videogames: Tomb Raider; Minecraft; Dark Souls and all associated titles; Final Fantasy series, but going on 6 years with MMORPG FFXIV; Ark; Pokemon;and Skyrim.

*Favorite Author: (It's easier than to state a favorite book--I have too many.) Stephen King, Michael Crichton , Barbara Hambly, Victoria Holt, Lillian Jackson Braun.

*Books Currently Reading: His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and Five Patients by Michael Crichton.

*Favorite Poet: Stephen Crane, Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski, Lang Leav.

*Favorite Music: Ask me. Please, let's share! My interests vary from Vivaldi to August Burns Red to NF to Coltrane to Soundgarden to Hank Williams. The genre I listen to most is probably metal.

Ultimately, my goal for myself and as a writer is to always learn and hone my skills, to improve my craft.

I've droned on about myself enough. I'm an open book and a listening ear, so feel free to reach out and discuss.....well, anything!

(Below are some pics to illustrate who I am a little bit.)


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