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I’ll start off with saying that I don’t think I have ever had to write about myself so this is awkward. Or I am having an eye opening experience because I don’t know if I have done anything exciting enough in my life to warrant a spot in my official bio. Did my mid-life crisis just start?

I’ve grown up in Northern NJ, where I continue to reside. I bought my first home in 2017 along with my Fiancée love, Billie Jo, and my two pupper duppers, Maximus and Bane. Well Max and Bane didn’t help. They didn’t even chip in for closing costs. A couple of free loaders is what they are. By day I am a Manufacturing Engineer. By night… that is none of your business.

Amongst my other hobbies I enjoy writing, which has lead me here. I could not tell you anything technical about writing, my style of writing, or anything else that one would gain from years of formal training with noble scholars and professors alike. So what are my qualifications? My Mom thinks I’m good at it… so I joined forces with my cousin, Mikie, and here we are ready to force ourselves on you (consensually… you clicked yourself here) via Rogue 5 Entertainment.

You’ll get a sense of the rest of my interests by the content I contribute to Rogue 5, but I will give you a quick rundown…

Go to drink: Scotch / Whisky

Go to food: Comfort

Tool I am most deadly with: My lawnmower

Movie most likely on: Anything Marvel

Sports I like: Football, Tennis, MMA, Basketball

Music Choice: Could be Beach Boys... could be Tupac. I listen to many types of music.

Gaming: Yes I still do this. PS4 

Games: Maddens, GTAs, Red Deads, Tom Clancys, Spiderman


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