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Yankees topple the Sox

Not gonna lie, I was nervous about last nights game. Tanaka didnt have a great track record against the Redsox as of late, but damnit he played amazing. He did his job and got us into the bullpen after five solid innings of pitching. Now was it masterful pitching? You're damn right it was! 5 innings pitched, 3 hits, 1 earned run, and 4 strikeouts on the day to bring the Boston Redsox back to earth. Tanaka, like in last years Cleveland series, put the brakes on the opposing teams winning ways like a damn Knight in shining armor. (I love you)

Our problem in game one was scoring and taking advantage of opportunities, and in game two we had some of the same issues. We are absolutely terrible with men in scoring position, and itll hurt us big time in this series, it already has in game one.

In game two however, the bash brothers showed up. Judge started the fun with a solo shot that went out faster than a bullet. The dude is on fire right now and he needs to be if we are gonna win this series.

Gary fkn Sanchez finally arrived and screamed to the heavens,"No more!" It was at this time he shot a ball into the moon for a homerun in the second inning. This was followed by a McCutchen RBI double to go up three zip, putting the Sox in a bad position. It also knocked out their starting pitcher David Price and made them go to their bullpen for the rest of the night.

So let's skip right to the 7th inning, cause I dont really care about Bogaerts solo shot off of Tanaka in the 4th inning, it didnt matter. Let's talk about the potential redemption of Gary Sanchez, he had a terrible season this year, and what a big way to contribute than to hit not one, but two big homeruns to knock the Sox back down to size. It's like beating on the little brother while the big brother Sale is gone. So much like Darth Vader redeeming himself after throwing his boss down a shaft to die, Sanchez is in the same light, and if he can continue this one game trend we will be in the World series before we know it.

Our bullpen did its job again, allowing one run in four innings pitched and down goes the wicked witch in game two.

MVP of the game: Will the real MVP please stand up, no not you Mookie Betts. Gary fkn Sanchez 2 for 5, 2 homeruns and 4 RBIs you amazing man you.

The series is tied at one apiece, now you silly bastards have to come to NY on Monday, good luck. We want Boston! We chanted it, we wanted it, we got it, now I think the Redsox are wishing it wasnt so.

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