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Yankees fall hard

Yankees Fall hard

Yup. What a cluster shit of a game. Yankees go into Boston and split the series only the come home to an insane crowd, just so they can crap the bed.

Words to use to describe this game. Frustrating. Depressing. Dumbfounding. Angering. Disturbing. Saddening.

This game was like a horror movie. Michael Myers was the Boston Redsox and the Yankees were everyone who drank or had sex during the movie, all of which die at some point. I mean I'm still amazed we got three outs and we weren't stuck in that damn neverending 4th inning where they stomped on our hearts with a smile to score 7 runs.

Redsox Starting pitcher Nathan Fovaldi played an excellent 7 innings of baseball, meanwhile our supposed ace Luis Severino served up ham sandwiches and was is in the giving mood today allowing 6 earned runs on 7 hits......WTF

The Yanks were especially giving to Brock Holt, who hit for the cycle, went 4 for 6, with a homer and five RBIs, not they needed those runs, they won the game in the first inning. The yanks blew their opportunity here.

The Redsox had 18 hits and 16 runs, let that sink in for a minute. Oh, almost all their runs were from actually hitting singles and doubles not homeruns.

This game was a kick in the balls to Yankee fans. This is was like Drago killing Apollo Creed in Rocky 4. This might have killed our chances to move on to Houston. Damnit Yanks. Damnit Severino. Damnit Boone. Damnit Yankees non hitting.

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