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X Men: Night of the Sentinels

Was it as good as I remember it? Let's jump right the hell in! Episode 1 Night if the Sentinels Night of the Sentinals part 1, gets into the story quickly, as mutants are immediately shown to be not only a problem, but rejected by society as a whole. Jubilee basically plays like Rogue did in The live action movies, a person who doesnt really know who she is or what she wants, all that goes out the window when Sentinals hunt her like all mutants and shes thrust into the X-Men universe. Jubilee is basically a snot nosed kid, shes annoying to be honest. Being rude, breaking shit, knocking people over and blaming them. I was really hoping the Sentinel would catch her and slam her into the ground, breaking all her bones. Wishful thinking. I was disappointed as that didnt happen.

The team of Rogue, Storm, and Gambit made a pretty good team at the mall trying to save Jubilee. They began to wreck the mall including attempting to destroy government property in the Sentinal, but they didnt understand how powerful it actually was, severely underestimating the giant robot. Jubilee said F it and shot some kind of laser dazzle bullshit into the robots eyes and seconds later Cyclops decided to show his ugly face and shoot a laser blast decapitating the robot who was only trying to do his job. I want this Sentinel to break Jubilees back for some reason.

Why cant the Sentinel just take Jubilee and crush her with their massive hands, maybe throw her 200 miles per hour at a wall? In hindsight, I dont think the government fully thought out what would happen with giant robots let loose in the cities, I'm sure hundreds of civilians die at some point. Where the fuck were the Sentinels when Sabertooth went bat shit crazy and started destroy stuff?

Anyway, Jubilee is saved by the X Men, who seem dysfunctional. Then runs away only for her be captured by a other sentinel. This girl is starting to piss me off. The episode ends with a team infiltrating a base to get rid of files that are helping the Sentinels identify mutants and helps find them then help capturing them. The government is pretty fucking shady.

Well at least Jubilee was Captured so I guess I'll give the episode a 7 out of 10, because it did pretty well to introduce us to the world they live in a close to a dozen characters, not to bad.

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