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X-men: Enter Magneto

The episode starts with Beast in his cell getting shit talked by guards about him not being able to read before they shit themselves because all hell broke loose. The guards shot in all directions like the fucking predator was around. Magneto is attacking.

Magneto breaks into the prison, basically destroying the cells and walls like they were paper. He kind of Flies in like a superhero to save Beast, but Beast is a dick and doesnt leave, he wants to do things the right way. For a smart guy, hes pretty dumb. Humans hate mutants.

Magneto has some pretty good points talking to beast while they shoot at him, but he doesnt give a shit. He nonchalantly uses his magnetism powers and crushes all opposition, including several tanks, helicopters, and any weapons that fired at him.

We get backstory about who Magneto and Xavier became friends, as Xavier tells Jubilee who is somehow still alive while back at the Mansion. Xavier sounds like a fool at this point, Magneto still sounds like hes right about destroying human society for a mutant takeover.

Beast gets his wish, he gets a trial, which goes exactly the way you'd think, Beast is screwed and that's when a "bad guy" comes in to save him from imprisonment.

Sabertooth is in the courtroom and wants Beast free, he doesnt seem to bad of a guy to me. Cyclops and Wolverine are still not getting along, I think Wolverine wants to stab the X men leader. Sabertooth is unconscious and brought to the X mansion, where Wolverine tries to murder him while hes asleep, hes pretty fucked up, soon after he tells his teammates to fuck off, before hes sent out to stop Magneto.

Meanwhile, Magneto is just blowing shit up because fuck it, mutants are better. His plan is to take the military bases missiles and just hammer the base with it, I'm not sure why, but the X men are there to confront him. Yeah, they dont stand a chance against him. This is the beginning of the Mutant civil war.

The missiles launch and Storm trys to commit suicide destroying them, Xavier uses his cheat code to tell her to Knock it off, and use her fucking brain. That brings her back to reality and she creates a God damn tornado to throw the warheads into the ocean before falling out of the sky and being caught by Wolverine, because why the fuck not.

Magneto is impressed, watching from a distance, but hes pretty annoyed at Xavier and doesnt understand why he would fight his own kind.

All in all, it was a decent episode as we move on from the Sentinels. The X men universe opens up as we see the supposed "bad guys" might do terrible things, but they only want what's best for mutants and will die to make that happen. Sabertooth is shown briefly in two episodes so far and both times hes a maniac, but he wanted to free Beast, same with Magneto, he tried to help Beast escape. Now, were they doing it for mutants or did they want Beast to join him since he would be a pretty big asset, and it would also take a key player away from Xavier. Its something to think about.

The episode gets a 3 out of 5, Magneto is shown as a big baddie and that he and the X men want the same thing, but try to do it differently. Sabertooth and Wolverine have a history that's only hinted at, which will play down the road. Cyclops cant handle Wolverine, hes to much of a hot head and loner to follow orders. Storm had a little time in the spotlight as the hero of the episode. We also get the judicial system is shit and shows they hate mutants. All in all, It was a good episode.

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