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What I would do if I was a writer in #WWE

With writers getting fired left and right, possibly burned and thrown from rooftops, what can the WWE do, besides have Vince McMahon step down and put HHH in charge, to boost ratings and win back the fans?

It's a great question that has the head guys at WWE scratching their collective heads, wondering what great idea will save them, hell, maybe no ideas will save them from this generation of fans who aren't as enthusiastic as the past super fans of the late 90s/ early 2000s.

But I have some ideas to push things along, maybe change some minds on the product at hand which is stuck in a bad era of fandom yet the best era of talent in the ring.

Step one: Go with what works

War. Politics. Surprises. Betrayals. Alliances. These things can be placed into a well oiled story line, filled with great matches and push the fans to cling onto certain characters and their fates.

Vince McMahon, the evil head of WWE works, it has in the past. What they should do is mix reality with the story line, blurring the lines of what we read and believe.

A year long war that ends at Wrestlemania for creative control of the WWE, that starts like it's nothing. A simple attack that starts a war to come, but doesnt come out to look that way.

The Revival who aren't being used, come out and take down Vince out of nowhere after announcing an upcoming event. They leave him there laying much to the surprise of the crowd. This begins the weekly dance with the Revival who your better off using instead of just doing nonsensical stuff until their contract runs out.

This begins the weekly back and forth between the Revival and Vince and Stephanie McMahon. As the weeks go on, several others join their cause. Luke Harper, Sasha Banks and Sami Zayn also have gripes against how the WWE uses them or not uses is probably more accurate. It would make sense and their reasons are real and justified, why wouldnt they be after the McMahons and their silly old ways of doing things.

This begins a buildup, in which he builds a faction to stop the insurrection and destroy it. Much like million dollar man he puts money out to certain superstars to get them to join. Maybe even have a top star or two join him to defend the company they love.

This battle goes on until survivor series, where its put up or shut up time between the two teams, WWE vs The Insurrection.

Throwing names out there at this point. But my idea would be The Revival, Sami Zayn, Luke Harper, Mike Bennett. Guys who barely get used right against Roman Reigns, HHH, The B Team, and Vince pays Lars to be the 5th guy.

Survivor Series: Lars gets a lot of love and shows hes no one to mess with, he also gets in the face of his other teammates.

In the end is what matters. Right when WWE has the win, HHH turns on his teammates and pettigrees Lars setting up for several things to happen. Including a HHH betrayal for all those things that are wrong with WWE, this causes issues within the WWE company. HHH started this whole thing hoping Vince would step down, but he didnt, so it escalated.

Vince is now at odds with HHH..... Lars is pushed to help Vince by more money, which pushes HHH to get bigger help.

Royal Rumble: HHH vs Lars....ends in DQ, Lars shows hes tough, the insurrection comes out and jumps him. Music hits and Braun comes out, the ring scatters, and Braun and Lars are in the ring....Braun attacks Lars, the insurrection jumps in and celebrates. Braun has jumped ship setting up for a major confrontation between Braun and Lars.

Wrestlemania: Key match- Creative control, HHHs guy Braun vs Vinces Guy Lars....just a hard hitting brawl, that doesnt need to be long, just heavy on the hitting. Vince is just a dick the entire match to Lars, this pushes Lars to hit Vince, and Braun takes advantage and pins the big man.

At this point the writing must be done different throughout WWE to show that things have changed as HHH would be in that role now all setting up a confrontation between his wife, who is in the middle of all this now to start the next season of WWE.

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