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WWE Super showdown

#Undertaker vs #BillGoldberg, a match of epic proportions, if this was the year 2000, but it's not, its 2019 and these guys are getting up there in age. Yes the bring in the fans, but they cant go like they used to, but I respect them enough to pay attention. Both these guys are top quality men in that ring and the fans pay attention when they enter the squared circle, but that doesnt mean we wont get a shit show June 7th.

Just my two cents, I like Goldbergs style and even if he can go only a few minutes, I would take Goldberg over Taker right now. Undertaker seems to gas out (before) the end, but who knows if he worked on his stamina during his time off, from the looks of it he has worked out and looks good, so maybe I'm wrong.

I just cant see Undertaker winning a match like this, unless it's a John Cena type match, where Undertaker does his stuff and just puts his opponent away easily, I cant see him doing this with Goldberg. BG is gonna spear Taker a few times then jackhammer him into the earth for the 1-2-3....maybe.

#WWE #Supershowdown

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