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Wrestling in the shadows

It was March of 1994 and I remember like it was yesterday. Owen and Bret Hart lost their tag team title match at Royal Rumble, sending Owen Hart into a tailspin of neverending woe and misery, making him the Black heart of the family, and using that for his own benefit.

Owen Hart was about to become an icon, there I said it. Someone had to and it may as well be me, a fan of the most underrated pro wrestler in history. But that is not why we are here, we are here for what was to come after Royal Rumble 94, where would Owen go after that fateful night when he declared 'You're not the only Hart in this family Bret!"

After Owen tried to jump out of his brother Brets shadow, Bret won the Royal Rumble, pushing his brother further in, like a thick fog surrounding everything Owen did, he had to find his way back out.

A challenge had been set for the grandest stages of them all. Wrestlemania 10, March 20, 1994. All bets were off as Owen would try and prove once and for all who the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be actually was. Sure it was a Hart, it was Owen Hart.

Bret was jealous of his younger brothers talent, Owen a former PWI rookie of the year winner and former IWGP Jr Heavyweight champion, the first non Japanese holder of the title in its history. Now he could finally prove to the world what his father Stu probably already knew, Owen was the best in his crop of sons.

Bret Hart and Owen would put on a clinic in one of my favorite matches of all time, probably one of the best opening matches in Wrestlemania history in my opinion.

The back and forth battle between the two was legendary. When Owen finally locked on that sharpshooter on his brother Bret I knew, I just knew Owen had a shot at this thing. When it was reversed into Brets own sharpshooter, I thought this may be it for Owen. It wasnt, like a true champion Owen would escape and show Bret who really had the heart in the family, the heart to win.

Bret, the ring technician, the best there is, sat on the turnbuckle after kicking poor Owen in the face and attempted a victory roll, attempted is the key word here. The move that won Bret the 1993 King of the Ring against Bam Bam Bigelo less than year earlier, he would try and use against his baby brother, except this time Owen was ready for this.

As Bret tried his hardest to stay balanced and roll, he delayed for a fraction of a second and that's all it took for Owen's instincts to come into play. These brothers have wrestled in the hart family dungeon for so many years that they know each other so well. Owen knew what was gonna happen and just simply dropped his weight straight down on his brothers arms and held the his legs with all his might for the clean win.

One of the best wins of his career, Owen Hart stood confused to what had happen, not knowing his instincts of a true champion helped him with this victory. Again, this was a gigantic jump from the mountainous shadow of his brother Bret Hart. Much like the Royal Rumble when he 'kicked his leg out of his leg.' His words, not mine. He declared he was no longer in his brothers shadow. And much like the Royal Rumble 94, Bret pushed his baby brother right back in. First with the Rumble win, next hours after losing to Owen, Bret beat Yokozuna for the world wrestling federation championship.

Owen again would lay in his brothers shadow, cold and angry, waiting for his next attempt at conquering that shadow once and for all.

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