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Willy Wonka Prequel!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Yes, Mr Wonka and the chocolate factory is getting a film about the days before owning a candy warehouse that murders children and took over a race of small beings that have been hidden deep below the surface of Earth where monsters and evil eat those small hobbit sized people.

We all know none of those kids escaped the chocolate factory and Charlie was probably framed for the whole thing.

Back to the prequel. Willy Wonkas life before his factory and how he got to be the owner of a chocolate factory will most likely be covered, even though I vaguely remember Count Dooku being his dad, which would account for most of Willy Wonkas issues.

Do we need a prequel, reboot, or a sequel? No. The original was amazing as it was and some things should be left alone, but we're getting it, and you're gonna like it!

#WillyWonka #CharlieandTheChocolateFactory

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