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Willy's Wonderland

Nick Cage...hes in like two million movies, hes been made fun of for not turning anything down including hookers. Now hes in a new horror film/dark comedy called Willys Wonderland.

Willie's Wonderland is a kids place that is overrun by terrors most likely at night or during a specific time, and it needs sacrifices. Why? Who knows, but god do I like when Mr Cage beats up and stabs devilish things.

"Hes not stuck in here with them, they're stuck here with him," is the quote that sticks with me from the trailer, meaning he either meant to be stuck in that hell hole knowing what would happen or just doesnt give a shit anymore, either way I cant wait to see good ole Nick cleaning the place of monsters.

This movie is gonna be like if Nick Cage walked into Sesame street and began murdering all the characters if they were all high on meth and attacked him.

Here is the trailer below!

#WilliesWonderland #NickCage

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