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Will they or wont they?

I was complaining about the Leonard Willians trade that Gettleman pulled in 2019 for a third round pick the whole time, I thought it was terrible, but I also knew the Giants defense was terrible, and with a new coaching staff it all changed.

But now, after William's establishes himself as a dominant pass rusher and equally as good verses the run, he might not receive a offer of his talents. He'll be expensive, I know this, the money that goes into dominant pass rushers will always require crazy money, but he not only deserves it, we need him to continue leading our New York Giants defensive unit.

If you give up a third rounder for him, you might as well pay him. Is there any other player who will play DT/NT/DE in the draft or free agency? Hes a player who generated a pass rush consistantly even against double teams, not to mention hes loved by his teammates, and hes a leader.

11.5 Sacks, 30 QB hits, and 14 tackles for loss at 26 years old, after wasting his talents for the New York Jets for multiple years, he finally showed what hes capable of and he needs to get paid for it. Who will replace him if he leaves? No one, that's who.

God damnit, show him the money!!

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