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Why I jump right into Christmas

I'm the kind of person that begins playing Christmas music once Halloween is over. The holiday just brings happiness In me, I'm definitely in a better mood around this time. So I basically skip Thanksgiving and get right into the Rudolph the Reindeer holiday spirit!

From the Christmas music to the Christmas movies, it lifts me up into a small happy zone where most of it nudges my memory Banks to remember something of the past. It brings me back to times of when my older kids were small and ever so helpless, a time where my now little ones were babies and just needed to be held. Christmas also reminds me of my grandmother who has been gone for almost ten years. Jesus, ten years. How did time just disappear like that?

I guess Christmas reminds me of my grandmother because of Christmas eve. It was always a huge night of our family gathering together, packed tightly in her small home, eating delicious food, talking loudly, singing, and finally opening presents chaotically with wrapping paper exploding in all directions. It was a night of laughter, like time would stand still as if whatever was happening in the real world didn't matter for a few hours.

I miss those nights.

So I guess the reason I'm so inclined or invested in Christmas is simply the reminder of my grandmother. This holiday makes me think of her more and rejuvenates old memories of my children unwrapping presents way to early in the morning while I desperately just try to stay awake after a night of preparation of that Christmas day.

Christmas to me isn't about the presents, it's about the memories that I hold from this holiday. It's about the warmth and love I feel around this time. It's about hopefulness and forgiveness. It's about seeing my children's faces light up knowing Santa Claus came in the middle of the night. It's about remembering how amazing my grandmother was and how great Christmas Eve was with her around.

I just want to throw the Christmas tree up now and blast the holiday music now, but it's 4am and I'm not sure it would be appreciated.

As far as presents go, I don't need or want anything this year or any other year, because the best possible gift I could of ever gotten in life are my children, and that's all I ever needed.

So yeah, Christmas is just a reminder of happy times that I cherish, so that's why I try to jump right into the Christmas spirit once Halloween is over, so Merry Christmas!!!!

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