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Why are the bad guys so cool

Yes! From cartoons to movies, usually the bad guys look way cooler and act way more bad ass than the good guys to the point where you're like, "I want to be the bad guys!"

Put away all that nonsensical talk about how the "bad guys never win," cause I don't want to hear that shit. Bottom line, the bad guys have a lot more going on for them, especially in the dangerous looks department.

Take GI Joe's Alley Viper....the dude looks sick and from just taking a quick glance, it looks like he can kick the shit out of most people in that universe. The dude is carrying a fucking shield around and is wearing bright orange as if to say, "Come get some you bags of shit!" Orange!? He doesn't give a damn if the enemy sees him, he just wants to cap mother fuckers and hit people with his enormous shield.

Shredder in Ninja Turtles? The dude has claws that would strike fear into Freddy Krueger, a metal helmet, spikes on his armor, and a God damn cape! Add the fact that he's a master ninja and you have a pain in the ass villain to deal with! Who besides mutated Turtles that have ninja skills and don't know any better, would mess with Shredder? Yeah, no one, cause it would be stupid.

Mumm-ra!? Dude looked scary as fuck and fought one of the most powerful people in the Galaxy all because he hated cats.

No....It's not Alf!

Storm Shadow? Ninja, who decided to wear White, even after Labor Day...bad ass.

I can go on and on with this. From Darth Vader and Maul to Deathstroke and Thanos, the Bad guys unfairly look way better than the good guys. Why!?

GI Joe has plenty of characters on the bad side of things that look better than the Joe's side, same with most shows and comics. So Until they change that, I'm gonna want to be Alley Viper, single handedly taking the Joe's down one at a time. Maybe play as Shredder and make some turtle soup! Perhaps I'll be Skeltor and take down He-Man and Castle Grayskull! Because bad guys are awesome!

Because good is dumb!

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