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Who wants to join our foot clan and win some stuff?

Who wants to win some stuff?!

Who likes movies?! Sure, we all do! Who likes free stuff? Yup! I do! How about you? December is the time for giving and we would like to give you a little something. (The but is coming!) All you have to do is sign your life away, I mean no, not that, something way simpler. Like and share the Rogue 5 Entertainment Facebook page and subscribe to the website to enter for a chance to get a Christmas present from us! Woop woop!

We want to treat you to a night at the movies. Included in the package will be a AMC gift card for $25 so you can take a friend or loved one and go see the newly released Bumblebee movie! Or any other movie of your choosing! Not bad right? So get a move on and help us help you!

(All participants have until December 23rd to subscribe to the web site, like and share the facebook page in order to put your name in the raffle to win.)

Just remember, you cant do two out of the three things to enter, doing so will bring shame upon your family! Doing two out of three is why Thanos won! Dont do this to yourself!

So step by step

1. Like the Rogue 5 Entertainment Facebook page

2. Share the page after you like it

3. Click here so you can subscribe to be finally entered.

4. Take a step back and slowly clap, you've done it!

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