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Where was superman?

So in Aquaman, which is placed after Justice League, The Ocean master, Orm Marius played by Patrick Wilson (conjuring) says he wants to go to war with the human population, the surface world to be exact.

Mera, trying to recruit Arthur tells him that that the attack is imminent, and that she thanks him for saving Atlantis from Steppenwolf.

Ok so Atlantis knows of this, they know the battle for the world took place but did nothing? Ok I can see how they would feel maybe the oceans would be ok.

Which brings me to another DC point, where the fuck were they in Man of Steel when General Zod was destroying the atmosphere for his own purposes, his machine was in the ocean? Way to drop the ball Atlantis.

Back to Stephenwolf, he was a legend, a powerful being that took gods, men, the amazon, green lanterns, and Atlantans to defeat him, and barely did so. A group of five kicked the shit out of his armies and him by themselves, you would think they knew that, maybe even debate heavily on whether or not it's a good idea to attack in the first place.

So what if Atlantis did attack the surface world, wouldn't superman quickly kick the living piss of their entire armies? Superman is no joke, you saw what he did when his back was against the wall to save people, he broke someones neck. Poor bastart. Long live Zod man....

This is what pisses me off about DC, they leave their movies open to much to debate. Why wouldnt superman intervene when Aquamans people are being total douche bags?

Did Batman go on vacation? Or did he say fuck it, I'm never leaving Gotham again. I mean Iron man 3 had Tony Stark potentially get murdered and you dont see shield or any of the avengers intervening, So I guess it happens.

But hypothetically, all Aquaman had to do was call Supes in and tell him to wreck Atlantis a new asshole. But it was potentially a 'world threat', so the Justice League should of been involved.

Should I blame Arthur Curry and his father from the clonewars for all this misery the people dealt with, the floods that killed thousands, the millions of pounds of garbage washed up on our shores, and half of the American Pacific fleet they destroyed, leaving us open to attack?

Where the hell is that lazy son of a bitch Clark Kent when you need him? Definitely not the ocean, I didnt see him helping it there. I dont know, Arthur should of called him and half that mess wouldnt of happened.

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