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What would happen if Madara was in Demon Slayer

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I always think, "You know, if so and so was in this they would really wreak some havoc on this world," and low and behold someone made a video of one, one that plays the little key strings to my heart. They brought Madara into Demon Slayers anime world.

The short video brings Madara aboard the train where Rengoku is for his own mission. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and I wish it was real, these two could probably be good friends outside their own animes and God damnit maybe they are!

The episode takes a turn for the worst much like it does in Demon Slayers movie, except this time as Rengoku falls, Madara is there to witness it, he realizes there is truly no peace and confronts the demon known as Akaza who is a member of the 12 Demon moons, upper moon 3, an elite member of the Demons. Akaza decided to attack....and that my folks is where Akaza realizes he fucked up.

Madara didn't even flinch and disposed of Akaza with ease and because of this, far away Muzan Kibutsuji, the head and first Demon, the most powerful of them all sat in fear as he realized one day Madara would come for him as well.

Fucking loved it. Madara dispatching demons like he's some sort of slayer himself playing with cheat codes on, he could just wipe them all out.

Watch the video here....

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