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What scares me and “For Allison” – Chapter 1

I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my very first novel, the one that started it all. It’s a chilling tale that brings with it a mixture of terror and a sense of one’s dark existence. Because at the end of it all it’s those that we deem as normal, as those who are the life of the party are just that. They are the best definition of being normal. But in the harsh light of reality what we know about this is all a lie, it’s what they want you to see, and in the end, these so-called normal people are usually the worst monsters in our society. Now, the real question is have any of you met any of these people? You may just be surprised by what you come up with. But in this book, I decided that the main character, the monster that lurks within the darkness of the shadows has no name. That’s because like real serial killers they blend into the background and rarely ever stand out except for when they want the attention of another. If you are new to this site and my writings or my Twitter posts or whatever. But normal people scare me. But enough of that and so I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my first novel “For Allison”. Stay scared.

The Beginning

It was the second week of July when I heard over my police scanner that a body was discovered at the rest stop just off the highway near Highway 2. From the tone of the responding officer, it seemed to be hard to describe. But the description is the best part of hearing that someone has been murdered. You see I live in a small town where nothing happens and where everyone knows each other. With a population of roughly thirty thousand or so souls working in or around the area. With the bowling alley being a hotspot for the older crowd and the only place for the youth were either at a social get-together held by the local church or somewhere out in some farmer’s field to drink and do whatever. But other than that there isn’t much to write home about until I decided that it was time to fulfill that interest that had been planted in my mind since the day I was born. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time now and it’s not for the fame or the attention or hell even for the notoriety of attempting to garner the most deaths under my belt. I’ve always wanted to cross that fine line between what social norms tell you how to live and instinct. Because we humans are programmed to kill and we are depriving ourselves of that very natural urge and by holding back on that urge we are holding ourselves back from our full potential. So I decided to take the initial step towards reclaiming myself as a full human with all of what nature intended me to do. Her name was Allison, she worked at the self-service station off of the main street. The type of place where in the morning those with jobs would arrive early for the coffee, a pack of cigarettes, and what individually packaged snack from some factory out east. She was either seventeen or eighteen. I never asked because I didn’t want to be rude but she would work behind the counter alone. You know the types of places I’m talking about. Well, maybe those who live in large areas won’t know just exactly what I’m talking about. It’s something you see in all areas of the nation and honestly, it’s a staple when you live as I do. She had such amazing long red hair, it looked almost artificial. Like something from those dye kit bottles with the lady on it in studio light. It smelt amazing almost like a citrus fruity type of smell. You just had to be there to know how amazing it smelt. Also, I must note that she was wearing the nicest pair of tight low-riding jeans and no panties. As if she knew what was coming. Now before you ask or that seed of doubt is placed in your brain the answer is no. I’m a gentleman through and through and so with that being said please don’t think of me as weird or a pervert or a sexual deviant because I was not raised that way.

The store was empty after the rush and I knew that this would be a perfect time. So I wore my favorite pair of jeans and wore a black shirt that I’ve had for quite some time now and went to the back where they keep the cold drinks. I pretended to look around and could see her reflection off the glass and soon she ignored me and went about whatever she was doing behind the counter. Without wanting to draw any attention I slowly reached into my pockets and slid on my gloves all the while keeping an eye on that sweet girl. This was my time to shine and so I saw a packet of pretzels which I still have unopened I must say. Many people like to cross the line between taking an article of clothing or a piece of the body that is stupid. It’s the perfect way to get caught, which leads the police and anyone snooping around to pin it all on you. But a bag of pretzels is honestly something no one will ever notice nor care about. I walked up to the counter and the world outside was completely void of any life. Not going to lie, it was pretty damn nerve-racking to not screw up what I wanted to say. Practiced for hours in my living room and everything so you can honestly understand why I didn’t want to screw up all my hard work cause let’s be honest here everyone the hard work is always what you’re going to say to carry yourself it can either make or break what people will think of you. It’s honestly one of the most stressful things one can ever do and now I truly understand why people get nervous performing in front of others.

“Just the bag of pretzels for you?” She said.

Then she smiled at me like she’s done all those times before. In a perfect world, she’d be my first not by the meaning of my first kill but my first in other ways. Though the age difference isn’t that far off then I’d need to focus on a career and I’m not one to focus on trying to climb the ladder at the mill or attempt to reach the status of manager somewhere. The effort alone on that can be best used somewhere else if you ask me.

“Yes, beautiful weather we’re having aren’t we?”

“Oh yeah, after my shift I am going to hang out at home and do some studying.” “Whatcha taking?” You ask, trying to seem interested.

“Dentistry, something about the human mouth just interests me to no end. Weirdly, I know my love of it is truly strange…” She says attempting to hide her smile.

“Oh no, that’s not weird at all now if you said taxidermy then that would be something completely different.” You say with a slight chuckle.

“That’ll be a dollar even.” She says with a smile and brushes her hair off her shoulders.

So I reached into my pocket and pretended to fumble for my wallet and dropped some change on the ground. Acting like that was the money I was going to pay with. I knelt down and quickly reached into my pocket and took out my Trailing Point switchblade carefully. I placed my hand over it while releasing the blade so as not to make a sound. I slowly stood up and the look of confusion on her face as she saw my knife and she tried to put two and two together but those circuits didn’t connect. Then with as much force as I could muster I thrust it under her jaw. Now I’m not one to shy from the sight of blood but I was amazed at how much came out of here. If you’re wondering if that was the blow to kill her the answer is sadly no. She quickly went into shock and so I pulled the knife out causing her to fall to the ground. I ran over to the opening on the counter and gave her the finishing blow. A quick stab into the ole temple and she was no more. I know what you’re thinking and the answer is no. I know the owner of the place and he was far too cheap to install security cameras, the ones they have like at so many places are nothing but decoys cheap fakes used to instill fear in the common shopper. Nothing but a bunch of plastic and a blinking red light God I love the incompetence and ignorance of those in this world it makes my job so much easier. Jumping into the second part of my plan I took out the knife and grabbed a rag and cleaned off my knife. I placed it back into my pocket and quickly dragged my first kill by her ankles and took her into the back past the swinging doors leading to the storage room. It was honestly quite exciting seeing what was back there, boxes of cups and all types of candies and snacks. It was a paradise for anyone who likes to binge on snacks. But I couldn’t think about that at this time of the moment and so I found a mop and bucket already filled with dirty water. This would have to do for the time being and so I jumped into motion and brought them to the final place of Allison’s life and within a few minutes of cleaning, you couldn’t even notice that someone died here. I had to take a moment to enjoy just how quickly it all came together and so I went back to the storage room and took out a caution slippery floor sign just so no one got hurt. Making my way back to the storage room to say one final goodbye and she was lying perfectly still. Almost like a porcelain doll and it was a beautiful thing to see. My heart felt like it was going to skip a beat. I was so excited. But before I could forget I placed my money on the counter. If there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s those who steal. Taking from the pockets of those trying to make a living it’s sickening. Because let’s face it that cheap bastard of an owner would’ve taken the pretzels out of Allison’s final cheque and I just couldn’t allow that to happen. I remember when I went home it was something that could only be described as orgasmic. Something that happens when you feel truly at peace with the world for I have found my calling and opened that door to a whole new world. I have fully become whole, truly whole with my body, my mind, and with nature. It’s something I will never forget and will forever fuel my existence by being able to say that I can do anything. Others are trained to do so with years of discipline and constantly lying to themselves but here I am doing it not in a warzone but in my backyard. Allison will always remain as someone that I loved and for that, she will always be with me and once I shed this mortal shell she will be with me in heaven.

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