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What If....Ultron Won

Yes, Ultron ends up winning and kicking the piss out of the Avengers. I saw the thumbnail and summary of this episode and couldn't wait to watch what happens.

Ultron is just OP as hell and even begins hearing the Watcher who sees everything in all universes, but doesn't interfere.

These two episodes make me wish they didn't kill off a character like Ultron in the films, because he's just too good of a bad guy who doesn't believe he's the bad guy.

Ultron becomes Ultimate Super Ultron once he gets the rest of the Infinity stones after Thanos appears and is killed in an instant, he had no chance, he had no opportunity to even use the gem stones.

Ultron has millions of Ultron bots in his army that he goes on to just destroy countless worlds easily. I mean Captain Marvel gave him a small run for his money, but she ultimately failed. Also, in order to understand what the hell is happening, it's probably a good idea to watch every episode because they all interconnect in one way or the other. I made the mistake of skipping a few to get to Ultron.

Ultron sits and begins to debate life after murdering the entire universe with his armies and newfound powers when he begins to sense the Watcher, which pushes Ultron to understand there is countless universes that need to be silenced by him.

The Watcher is strong as hell and gives Ultron a fight, but ultimately he can't do it alone. So he needs to do what he hasn't ever done, he interferes and helps. This sends him to multiple universes to grab Thor, Black Panther who is now the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Killmonger who is the real Black Panther, Dr Strange, who took a dark turn in his episode and is much stronger, and Captain Carter, who took the serum instead of Steve Roger's, and finally Gamora and Black Widow.

The team was a pretty neat group of MCU characters and worked well together. The team is stacked.

Dr Strange and Black Widow are the MVPs in this, especially Strange. The dude basically has magic plus Ben Ten Powers.

Bottom line, this short series of episodes did more for Ultron than the feature film Age of Ultron. The actual film fucked him over. They should make a episode where Ultron comes to life and takes out the producers, writers, and finally the director for their insolence.

The What If series I believe is over until the next season, Ultrons arc is the final story and it was a good one. It ended somewhat happily....well, one universe is dead, but hey, not everyone can be happy, ya know.

Now I'm hoping we get some sort of Ultron throw back in Spiderman:No Way Home or Dr Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness, so we get the real nightmare of Ultron.

So have you seen the What If series? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below...or don't, do you what you want, no one is forcing you to do anything!

One last note: It's definitely best if you watch all 9 episodes in order so some things make more sense.

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