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We're not in Kansas anymore Toto

Wizard of Oz: Dorothy is the real Villain

A dark film that seemed to be a fun adventure story, but slowly became a horror movie about Dorothy ruining a land she didnt even live in. Welcome to Oz.

Dorothy was straight up a maniac and you get that vibe from her within the first minutes of the movie when she tried to get her dog to attack some defenseless woman. That showed what kind of heartless child this was and if it wasnt clear before it would be minutes later when she decides out of boredom to drop a house on a witch. The crazy asshole slammed a giant house on top of someone, then said "Fuck it, this is Camden NJ and I want her shoes," taking shoes off a dead lady proves shes a psycho. She don't need them, but this power hungry lady was on a mission of destruction.

Dorothy made herself the Munchkin lands leader and made them sing and dance for her before she left. Who the fuck sings happy songs after watching some random lady get squished with a house? Dorothy that's who and now she had a taste for blood which would never go away.

Glenda the good Which enchanted Dorothy with even more magic powers than she needed. God damnit Dorothy is so over powered she makes Rey Palpatine Solo Skywalker look like a WWE jobber.

Dorothy then travels the country on her way to see a Wizard to get home so she can put a pillow over the face of the lady that she already attempted to kill with her dog Toto.

On her way through this land which was under the protection of Oz, she decided to employ assassins. Why? Because death was in the air of this land called Oz, she knew it and with her witchy ways magically made some of the toughest killers in movie history.

Scarecrow, her right hand man and strategic master, a future general in her armies no doubt, he could plan out any and everything for his new Empress Dorothy.

After dancing about and singing about their murderous ways, Dorothy realized a strategist wasnt enough, so she employed the menacing and loyal Tinman, who enjoyed chopping down trees that talked, because he was cold and alone, he wanted nothing but silence, and he enjoyed the trees screams before they dropped with a large crash. Tinman was her personal executioner and bodyguard from then on.

After the Witch from the West tried to stop these maniacs and ultimately failing, Dorothy realized she needed a warrior, a hero, someone that would run into the line of fire with no preconceived thoughts of surviving, someone that would run into danger with only one mission, to win, and since John Wick wasnt available she chose someone so vicious and violent it made the others quiver in fear. The Lion. The Lion was massive, fast, and feared nothing. But most importantly, the Lion bowed to no one, no one but Dorothy, and now she had a team that would make the Justice League jealous.

So off these psychos went, dancing and screaming high pitched death screams as they went to Oz, demanding Oz send them back home so she could take out the old lady that she failed to murder in Kansas. The Witch from the West again tried to stop them with a sleeping spell, but Dorothy is like Superman in this movie, what's even the point of trying to stop someone invincible?

When meeting Oz, he realized of this team of dangerous characters were death itself so why not use them to rid him of a plague that hes been dealing with for decades, why not take out his only threat to his power, and that's when a deal was struck. If Dorothy's rag tag group of death dealers could take the broom of the Witch from the West he would send them to Kansas so they have an opportunity to murder the lady that Toto couldnt take out.

On their journey to the Witches castle they were ambushed by Troll monkeys, flying monkeys tore into them and took Dorothy, the Witch was obviously hoping she could change Dorothy's mind in her evilness, and smart enough to attempt taking out her strategist the Scarecrow, but she failed, and now her team of misfit toys were pissed.

The suicide squad of Oz went into the castle, murdering several guards in the process, with little resistance they helped Dorothy escape, while The Witch and her soldiers chased them through the castle.

It was a trap. The Witch thought she sprung the trap but it was Dorothy's strategist The Scarecrow who made a plan to get face to face with their enemy, a peaceful green lady with a pointed hat. The Witch pleaded to Dorothy, even tried to threaten her when Dorothy struck. Dorothy had an ace up her sleeve, a bucket of acid, which she would throw straight Into the face of the poor green witch.

The Witches soldiers watched in horror as their leader, commander, and Queen melted before their eyes. Then Dorothy took the damn broom and announced she was the new Witch from the West.

So now she murdered a women with acid, took over a midget town, murdered a women with her house and stole her shoes, and now took over an army of flying monkeys and green soldiers who bow to her now. Sounds like someone is planning an invasion doesnt it?

Well she returns to Emerald City, home of the Wizard and gave him the broom, mentioning that she melted her, and he pretty much was like, "Dude, what the fuck, I said get her broom not melt her."

So negotiations were made and Dorothy and the Wizard decided to leave Oz, ruining any type of democracy they had, and destabilizing the land which will most likely push the countryside into civil war, but Dorothy doesn't give a shit, shes got a team of assassins, flying monkeys, green faced warriors, and a land full of live Chucky dolls that shes leaving behind so she can go home since she got bored of this land. Fuck them I guess. Dorothy is evil, bottom line.

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