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We can Be Heroes

Robert Rodriguez! Oh how I love his Mandalorian episode of season 2....but we arent here for that, we are here for the Netflix movie, 'We can be heroes', which he directed and is in his universe with the older movies, Shark boy and Lava Girl.

In a world where super powered humans cant work together to stop an invasion of Earth, their kids need to step up to not only save their parents, but the world!

This movie is full of green screen shenanigans which isnt so bad, it fits the story and the film doesn't take itself to seriously.

The kid characters need to figure out how to use their powers and how to work together, which slowly gets better over time. That's pretty much the story minus a minor plot twist.

The movie kind of reminds me of film 'the faculty', without the violence, drugs, and sexual undertones. Well, there is some fighting in this movie, most of it goofy and fun.

The Kid Avenger team is a pretty good unit. A brother and sister can rewind and fast forward, another kid can change his appearance, some little girl has shark powers and can use water to make sharp pointy objects at insane people and monsters, another is in a wheelchair that powers cool, some kid has all powers in the history of powers which is pretty fucking convenient, and the leader doesnt have any powers, she just leads. Kinda like Hawkeye, except he doesn't do anything except let his best friend jump to her death from a high mountain.

Oh, I almost forgot. There is a girl who sings to fly and murder people and a kid that can only go super slow motion, which can be pretty frustrating. I'd hit myself in the face with a frying pan if I had that power, not that it would do anything since itll be coming at me so damn slow, but his powers do come in handy down the line. There was also a kid who can stretch like Mr Fantastic, he was more like NBAs John Stockton with the amount of assists he shelled out in this film.

I'm sure we will see a sequel sooner rather than later.

Stop right here if you dont want to know what happens, because I know you're dying to keep it a secret so you can watch this film yourself, I dont want to ruin your life with my rant.

Ok. So Aliens take over the government and the Heroics, the super groups government teams bosses so they can teach the kids how to work as a team and better the world, so these kids can get together and fix the problems all the stupid adults caused. So they thought it was a good idea to invade a planet "jokingly" to scare the entire planet, so kids can learn to work together.....What kind of fuckery is that? Then they want the kids to help them and Earth when they are called upon in the future..."Fuck you, you just invaded my home, kidnapped my family, and most likely caused mass suicides on the planet, why the hell would I help any of you?!"

That's pretty much what I would of said, although the aliens had an armada, better tech, and super aliens. Why the hell would they need help doing anything? Eh, I'm overreaching here.

This green screen flick is a 2.5 out of 5 In my view....but to my five year old it's a 5 out of 5, meaning it was awesome, so what the fuck do I know. His favorite part was when the Shark girl (Guppy) beat the shit out of everyone like a deranged kid who didn't get what she wanted for Christmas.

So that's review, 2.5 for me, 5 from my five year old, averaging it out to a 3.75 which on my scale equals a good fun movie to watch.

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