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We, Are Venom

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

Officially going to see Venom tomorrow and I am pretty excited to see what they give us. This is a big test for Sony as it will kick off their re-entrance into the world of superhero universes. While Sony once dominated the superhero movie scene with Spiderman one and two, they need to answer for their crimes since. Green lighting the use of Spiderman in the MCU gets us half way there. Next up, they need to Men in Black our awful, awful (one awful wasn’t enough) memories of Topher Grace and give us the Venom we deserve. The moment that Tom Hardy was casted it was an immediate upgrade to the previous iteration of the character. Hardy checks the necessary boxes to become Eddie Brock. The real questions to me centers on how will Sony tell the Venom story without Venom’s arch nemesis? I mean how can you have Venom, with no Spiderman? I am going to try to stay as open minded to this concept to the best of my ability, but I am going to have a very hard time shutting off my imagination. The visions and the what-ifs that we are all asking ourselves. What if there is a secret deal with Marvel Studios? What if Venom takes place in the MCU? Ultimately what it comes down to is even if this Venom movie is the best movie ever made, it still won’t be as good as seeing Holland’s Spiderman and Hardy’s Venom collide. That’s what we all want. And Carnage… and seeing Hardy and Holland team up to defeat carnage. Sadly, it will most likely remain in our imaginations. So how will Sony attempt to overcome this? How will they give us the Venom we crave, whilst altering who Venom is to fit into the politics of the industry? We’ll find out tomorrow when the lethal protector returns to the big screen.

I will say, I am disappointed that in place of the iconic white spider that sprawls across Venom's chest and torso we get weird lightning bolts instead… I understand, if the symbiote never bonded with Spiderman, why would there be a spider on Venom? I don’t have an answer. But it is a shame when fan art looks sexier than the studio interpretation.

This Comparison speaks for itself

While we are at it, this fan made edit is on point.

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