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WB takes out superman

Zod, Batman, the justice league, nor Steppenwolf could defeat the Man of Steel. But Warner Brothers is stronger than them all, stepping on Henry Cavills Superman and throwing him far, far away.

And just like that, the man of steel is gone. Why? I'll tell you why. Because DC is a shit show. Dont get me wrong, I'm not a "marvel fan boy", what ever the hell that means. I want them to succeed. I want them to make good movies. Yet here we are as they can someone who I thought made a good superman. Man of Steel had its issues, but what movie doesnt? I genuinely liked that movie.

I feel DC is constantly trying to either outdo or keep up with Marvel and I simply say to that, "Stop it!" You cant compete with Marvel and do the things they have done. You need to figure out your own path. Damnit man! They had patience, they had a plan, they stuck with their vision and brought in talented people in all phases.

Man of Steel could of been a standalone trilogy. But no, you wanted to push Batman into his universe, which was a cool plotline and all, but the movie wasnt to good. Then you pushed us right into Justice League. Which again, is something us fans want, but you didnt work us into it. You just threw a movie at us and expected us to be happy.

To steal a little from Dr Malcolm in Jurrasic Park, " Your producers were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should."

Stop throwing shit at us and maybe we will start coming back to the movies to see films you produce. It doesnt even make sense. How can you have Christopher Nolans Batman trilogy and then allow Batman vs Superman happen?

Man of Steel -Good Batman vs Superman- Not good Justice League- Not good Wonder Women - good Suicide Squad -Not good (but I was entertained)

I'm crossing my fingers with Flash, Wonder Women 2, Shazam, and Aquaman movies. But how are you gonna have a shared DC universe without superman? I just dont get it.

So no Batman and Superman from now on? Did they get sucked up in a vortex? A vacuum perhaps? Is something gonna happen in Flashpoint where neither of these characters exist? I dont know, but the sad part is I dont think anyone producing these movies knows either.

My only hope is that somehow in some way James Gunn writes and directs a fantastic Suicide Squad 2 movie and it blows us all away much like Guardians of the Galaxy did, but somehow I feel Warner Brothers will get in the way and screw it up.

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