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War of the World's Simulation

So I sat there fully invested in watching this fifteen minute YouTube video on an attack by aliens, the tripod machines that come out of the ground and murder everyone in the Tom Cruise version of the 1953 classic, War of the World's.

In the video endless amounts of American soldiers sacrificed their very lives in order for imaginary ungrateful fucking civilians run for safety. Where safety actually is, I'm not positive, because it seems like everyone is fucked.

These heroes fired endless amounts of ammunition at these alien bastards as our heroes stared at death coming through the woods. There was no escape, just death. Hopefully those imaginary families appreciate the lengths of the United States military provided them. Although I saw some fucked up people panic and hit others in cars trying to escape, so those assholes have blood on their hands, those people can go fuck themselves. Saving your own life and screwing others isn't the way to go.

The battle was long and hard, but finally, when the sun went down, the military finally took down the tripods shield and the aliens mechanical contraption to win the day. Was it a victory though? With all those lost and billions in weaponry, it doesn't feel like a win compared to the losses the invading aliens took in this battle. Two tripods down compared to maybe a hundreds of soldiers, three dozen tanks, another dozen or so support vehicles, yeah, this victory tastes like bullshit.

I always wondered. Why didn't they try to gas these tripods or take out the legs by destroying the ground beneath these walking Giants? Also, where the hell was air support!? These people were screwed from minute one!

Stupid aliens and there Stupid technological advances!

Here's the full video here so you can watch as soldiers are murdered left and right so people with no respect can go on living.

#Waroftheworlds #WarSimulation #StupidAliens

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