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Waking up with Power

Imagine waking up tomorrow and you have some sort of other worldly power, now imagine what type of person you are, would you use the power for good? Would you use your new powers for evil? Or would you just hide your newfound powers because you feel like it would be dangerous to use in our world? What would you do? Who would you tell? Hero or Villain?!

Well I've decided I would ultimately use my powers for good, depending on what it was, but ultimately would cross a line that may or not make me a villain. Sometimes we can do terrible things but have nothing but good intentions, whether it was accidental or just part of what you need to do for the greater good.

It all comes down to the powers you're given. I mean, if you have Supermans powers, do you sit around and just let things go, or do you try and stop evil? Or do you take over the Earth and try to destroy all evil, maybe use fear to stop bad people from doing bad things? I know myself to know I'd be conflicted on how to use my powers. Would I be good? Ultimately, yes. But would some of the stuff I did seem kind of shady? Maybe. Again, who knows how we would actually react to waking up with some sort of power. I'd like to think I would be a good guy.

There are too many scenarios with multitudes of powers that I can't even grasp right now. Like if I had mind control, what the hell would I do with that? There's not much I can think of where I can achieve good by controlling others. But at the same time, I can pretty much do whatever I wanted. Well, with almost any of the super powers I could get away with anything, well, I wouldn't be invincible so maybe not. I'll tell you what though, I wouldn't want to fly, I have this fear that I would just end up in the ocean, alone, alive, and just waiting for some Shark named Steve to pull me under if my flying just suddenly stopped working. Speed? I would probably run into people completely obliterating their bodies from the impact of running into them.

I guess the main powers I wouldn't mind having are as follows.

  1. Invincibility

  2. Shapeshifting

  3. Teleportation

  4. Shadow Clones

I guess Invincibility is the easiest to go with, seeing how nothing that happens would affect you in any way. It would be fun not being able to get hurt no matter what and do some crazy shit, but ultimately, would I really just go about life doing some nonsensical insane stuff? Probably not. But having that knowledge would definitely help in life in general.

Shapeshifting would be fun as hell! Whether I would turn into animals or other people, that would be something I would definitely do every day. One day I might turn into a wolf or a bear and just play in the pool, another day I might turn myself into Channing Tatum and call the movie studios and ask them why the fucked up the GI Joe movie. On Halloween I might go out as the legit Pennywise the Clown or Jack the Pumpkin King. That would be epic. So far this is my favorite. There are so many options here.

Teleportation would be another useful thing to have. I would never really use my car for anything, so that's nice. Depending on the power level of what I had, I would just put all the kids in the car and teleport to the shore every weekend. That would be pretty sweet. I can literally go anywhere in a second. Obviously this is a power that can be used for terrible purposes, like robbing banks and whatnot, but I'd like to think I would never go that route.

Shadow Clone Jutsu, obviously there is a million techniques in Naruto worth mentioning that I would definitely want, but this, this right here would help me in a million ways. Imagine making clones and sending them to work? Three jobs! Three different pay checks all the while you're doing your own thing all day! Or training? Imagine sending five clones to different gyms to do some intense workouts, once they disappear you'd get the results from it! Sign me the hell up! Need some people to talk to? Shadow Clones it is! Who knows you better than you!?

Damn the Gods of Olympus! I can't make up my mind! What would you want? What you use those powers for good or would you rampage through the world declaring yourself Emperor of a new Earth?

You figure it out yet? Me either! Ok maybe I did, maybe I want to be a good guy. Yet, the dark side is always looming over me, waiting, tugging at my goodness, waiting for my slip up to where it would devour all the goodness inside of me until I'm sitting alone on a throne surrounded by nothingness, just me and my crown. I decided to be a good guy.....

In the end I would use my power for good, but much like Gandalf said....

We'll just leave it at that.

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