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Vote for Palpatine

Let's face it, the galaxy is corrupt and this dude single handedly took matters in his own hands and found loopholes inside the political system to eventually overthrow that said government and rule over it as the first galactic empire. This was met with little resistance from politicians, hell, most of them clapped in his political victory.

So if we vote for him, can we trust him? Fuck no. The dude electrocuted a jedi master and tossed him out a window into traffic. Hes got issues. But who doesnt have some negative things against them? Everyone has a darkside. And I say we embrace that and vote for the only person worthy of being elected.

So what does he bring to the table: The question is what doesnt he bring to the table. He stopped the clonewars, he brought peace to the empire, he disbanded the treasonous jedi, and helped grow the Galactic Empire into one of the best periods of gain ever.

Hes a military guy who is heavily invested in the well being of all personal. During the rebellion he physically headed to the front lines to see things through. That's the type of leader we need.

Corruption? What corruption? After he was in charge all that nonsense went away. Sure he probably had an elite stormtrooper unit kidnap politicians in the dead of night. Sure he probably threw them in a hole with no trial. But hey, it worked. The power of fear is a tremendous tool.

Jobs? He started millions upon millions of jobs for people of all color, races, and gender. The Deathstars, Superstar destroyers, the AT-ATs, and the infinite amount of TIES were all built buy millions of dedicated people to his cause.

Hes a man of principles. A man who stands with his military. A Man who doesnt back down from any challenge. A man that has brought peace to the galaxy.

So vote for Palpatine. Vote for peace. You wont regret it.


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