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Venom: Let there be Carnage Trailer Review

Carnage: Let there be Venom also

That might as well be the title of the upcoming Venom sequel. The trailer has dropped and who stole the show? You guessed it. Red Headed Cletus Kasady. Speaking of, what happened to his long curly red locks from the Venom mid-credit scene? I am disappointed to see the more contemporary mop on top. Minor grievance… moving along.

The director has confirmed that it has been 1.5 years since we met Eddie and Venom. It is safe to assume they’ve been busy cleaning up the low-level baddies by the bay area in between living the sitcom life. The trailer dedicated about ¼ of the video to showing us what it is like to live with an alien symbiote and it seems like your classic good roommate / bad roommate jamboree. I don’t recall venom being such a silly goose in the comics or the 90s Saturday morning cartoon but it seems to be a requirement in today’s superhero genre thanks to the success of the MCUs style of storytelling.

A previous gripe of mine with Sony, particularly in the first Venom movie, I felt I saw the entire movie via trailer before entering the theater. I think they’ve improved on not making this mistake based on the trailers we got for Spiderman Far from Home. For Venom 2, at least in this official trailer drop, so far so good. They revealed enough to leave you wanting more without showing you almost every money shot from movie.

While we are drudging up the past, let’s hit a few more notes.

It looks like Eddie’s lame ass girlfriend, Anne played by Michelle Williams, is back. Her character in Venom 1 was pretty forgetful. It honestly felt like she was there just because every hero, or anti-hero, needs a booty storyline to accompany the plot. And that’s about as much effort as they put into it. It remains to be seen if in this round they add some sizzle to the love interest or if it will be more of the same. It feels kind of wrong to say this, but I’m looking for Cletus to put an expiration date on this relationship… if you know what I mean. I’m not maniacal, but if you are going to bring in one of the most famous and sadistic Marvel villains of all time, I expect… Nay, I demand the stakes to be at the highest of high that the levels can go. That means rated R. That means no one is safe. That means leave your children at home because if you don’t you’re going to have to explain a lot of things to them whilst driving home from the theater. Now is that what we are going to get? I doubt it. I am not sure if Venom two has officially been given a rating yet but I am going to assume it will be PG-13 and they will give us a watered down version of Carnage resulting in disappointment on my part. However, until we get official word, I will keep my fingers crossed.

Casting Woody Harrelson to play Cletus Kasady is an immediate upgrade as the villain. While Eddie’s girlfriend was forgettable, she was a star compared to the antagonist Carlton Drake. I had to IMDB him to even remember who he was. He was just about as boring of a character as they come. For the Woody/Cletus combo you’d really have to try in order to mess it up. I think it is safe to say they have rectified this gripe with the first Venom. Woody narrated throughout most of the trailer, but no indication yet if Carnage has his own voice as well. In the comics Eddie and Cletus shared a prison cell until the venom symbiote broke Eddie out of said cell. It was at that point that some symbiote got left behind and latched on the Kasady. It will be interesting to see how he bonds with the symbiote in this iteration since Eddie is a good boy and staying out of trouble. Well I guess Eddie technically has committed several murders…

I like the nod to spiderman in the form of Kasady smashing a spider while writing a postcard to Eddie, presumably. It was a tactful way of saying, you’re not getting Spiderman so shut up and watch the movie. Speaking of Spiderverse… no internet breaking cameo bombshell in this trailer. MCUs Adrian Toomes crashing the Morbius trailer didn’t do any favors for the diehards desperate for the crossover we all want… and deserve. That damn multiverse carrot just keeps getting tugged out of our reach.

Shriek makes a brief appearance in the trailer doing what she does… shrieking. If you blinked, you missed it. It will be interesting to see how her role develops in this picture.

And let there be Carnage! We finally get to see him in all his crimson glory! Kind of. Honestly, he seemed kind of blurry in both shots in his big on-screen trailer debut and it does have me a little worried. I’ll reference my thoughts on Venom 1 here again. In the major climactic battle it was so dark, coupled with the fact that both characters were dark alien globs, I literally had no idea what I was looking at for the majority of the fight. Now I am hoping that at this point in production they maybe just don’t have the finishing touches on Carnage so they purposely used two dark backlit scenes to hide some roughness around the edges. I really don’t want to see Carnage wasted on skimpy budget friendly visual effect hacks. Fingers crossed because the tease we got has lot of potential.

Last note... If Sony doesn't dig up and use the gem of a 90s song Carnage Rules from Green Jelly in the movie or a following trailer drop I will be severely disappointed.

I am most definitely intrigued by this movie based on getting our first live action Carnage. However, I do have reservations based on what I thought was a fairly lackluster introduction to Venom.

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