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VCW: Top 5-#2

Blaze 'The NJ

The Face of VCW for much of its time, Blaze was one of the best and most successful in VCW. Winning the heavyweight title multiple times as well as the tag team titles three times.

Blaze used a blend of power with technical and an array of submission maneuvers, he was way ahead of his time using several moves to tap you out, and if you didn't tap out he wouldnt mind at all, he would just jag bomb you into oblivion.

His major feuds were mostly with Kidd Lightning who he just could not seem to stand, even with the Extreme Alliance being born at Extremely Chaotic with Kidd Lightning joining forces with Blaze and Stone, Blaze was reluctant. He didnt want him part of this new group yet here he was, and that didnt stop the two from squabbling.

Blaze was probably the most original of the roster, with submissions galore, including his barbecue wing, which once his legs were wrapped around your waist and the modified chicken like wing was applied that's all she wrote of any opponent.

His best fueds were with Kidd Lightning and Brian Austin, fighting both for multiple title defenses as well as losses.

His best match: Vs Kidd Lightning Truly Hardcore 99, bringing the house down in an epic battle between two rivals.

Moves: Death From Above 1- A snapmare then drop kick to the back of the head combination, Death from Above 2-Fameasser, BBQ Wing-modified chicken wing as his finisher, Jag Bomb-modified powerbomb.

Best moment: Making Tech tap out with ease after he talked trash, defending his title for the first time since winning it.

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