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VCW: Top 5 #1

Kidd Lightning

Our human highlight reel of VCW, 1/2 Of the tag team the Devastators, the high flying one man show, four time tag team champion, two time television champion, and two time heavyweight champion.

Kidd Lightnings style was mixed with high flying, technical, and a surprise amount of power. Using moves like the 450 splash, springboard leg drops, frog splashes, hurricarana's, and the dreaded lightning kick to put his opponents away, he was the cornerstone of VCW from its beginnings.

His debut with his brother against the Eliminators for the tag team championship was just the beginning for Kidd, even with a loss the first two times going for the tag titles you could tell that he was bound for greatness.

His main fueds were against Blaze, his most hated rival in singles and tag competition, against Mike Stone for the television championship, and against his own partner and brother Brian Austin.

Kidd Lightning was the epitome of team player and did whatever was asked of him, he made every match look good, and often made lesser opponents look amazing, that was his gift.

Some key moments of his VCW time: Betraying his brother at Extremely Chaotic 98 during a pivotal tag team title match against the Eliminators, in which they won, he joined the Eliminators in attacking Brian Austin to become part of XA (Extreme Alliance). Defeated Brian Austin to become the first television champion. Finally defeating Blaze for the Heavyweight championship in an epic back and forth battle for the vacant title.

His tag team accomplishments are more of the same. Winning the tag team titles twice with his Brother Austin, winning once although unwillingly with his rival Blaze, and finally for the last time as part of Generation X-Treme with The Rik.

Move sets and finishers: The hurricarana, frog splash, lightning factor, and the dreaded Lightning kick to put his opponents away.

Best Moments: Defeating Blaze for the heavyweight championship, betraying his brother and joining XA in a giant swerve, and rejoining his brother to defeat the Eliminators at Winter Extreme 98.

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