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VCW: One Night

The days that pro wrestling was at its highest was when we all had backyard wrestling federations, going against what WWF and WCW told us not to do, trying this at home was what we were supposed to do.

It was a passion that grew into an almost unhealthy obsession as a handful of people, mostly kids in their mid to late teens came together with a common love and put that love to use. Ah yes, Vernon Championship wrestling, a backyard promotion that we could be proud of based off of skill and not constant barbaric hardcore matches that most were doing at the time. We practiced, we created storylines, and often the matches went smoothly.

As we began with only four or five, grew to a little under a dozen workers, till one day myself and my cousin went to another 'show' in the neighboring area, another backyard federation in our own literal backyard? How dare they!? So we invited ourselves essentially and told them that we would take each other on, arrogant and ready to do whatever it took to steal their own damn show, to steal the spotlight from another 'promotion' would be key to a victory over them, this is something me and my cousin desperately wanted and needed.

VCW was already strong in my eyes, but that night, even though we didnt have our best match, we did things that made HWF, the other promotion come down to the ring area, which was basically a giant dirt pit, with broken sofas, and some chairs in an area, with lights shining down through the darkness set on the two heroes of the night. Two guys who did what it took to win over the people, most of who were total strangers to me.

Even though it's only backyard wrestling, a forgotten history and unspeakable time for pro wrestlers, I was proud of what we did. Two outsiders, taking over and showing what we could do, and even though it wasnt our best match we did our job.

That's how VCW was really born at the time, even though our history couldnt be changed, are roster was never as huge until after that night. Weeks after HWF merged with us to and I never had so much fun wrestling, nor was more excited when we had tons of competition in our ranks.

Some storylines worked out, some didnt. Some arcs never came to pass that I regretted not getting to, some people moved on, some people passed on. We just kept on going until we couldnt anymore.

I think our final match, was a tag team match, and although I wish the last match was either myself verses my cousin, who played Blaze in VCW, one of our top guys, or against The Devastators in a tag match, ending our backyard days with the same people that started it all.

Days like those were fun and looking back at what we did I often say to myself, "Were we good? Or did we just get lucky to not get hurt?". Who knows at this point, Maybe we all took some punishment and are feeling the affects now in life 19 years later. (Holy shit 19 years!!!) Sometimes I still feel like I can go, then realize my knees might just fall off if I tried to do anything off my feet.

All in all, we had fun, we had some incredible matches, some good storytelling, some ridiculous promos that never ended the way they should of, and met some amazing people in those years, so I guess it wasnt all that bad.

VCW Roster: from 1997 to 2001 Geoff The Bulldozer Curti Mike Stone Blaze Jess the Ress Kidd Lightning Brian Austin The Rik Brad 'the magnum' Pierce Hardcore Henry Call Paul The Juggalo Taylor Steve The Juggalo Gears Vindicator Vertibreaker Dark Siege Advocate Cheetah Man Cuban Crusader Tech Stura Laura

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