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Ultron is trying to take us over

Yes, Zuckerberg has changed the name of Facebook and is creating a universe that we can live in digitally. This is the prequel to the Matrix right before machines take our bodies and starts harvesting them to survive.

Zuckerberg wants us to begin living a life inside the computer, much like the Matrix, but more like 2018s Ready Player One, where basically the entire world revolved around living in a digital world, almost like using using Oculus nonstop, living a life but at the same time your not. I mean we're all already addicted to our phones, television, apps, and our computers, so I guess fuck it, let's live fake lives and get away from the "real" of it all, right?

Maybe it'll be awesome, maybe it'll be just as addicting as everything else out there now, time will tell. I do know, there's a slight chance it's gonna change the way we live again, especially at a time of such division about everything, where most people still don't want to leave their houses, this will be a coping mechanism to get through people's days, a new way to socialize without leaving the house.

Anyway, who the fuck has time to do any of this anyway? Is this the new babysitter, like parents had with television years ago, or video games, a device to keep kids occupied? I say years ago, like it was only ten years ago when TVs came out...maybe I'm old...Fuck.

Back to the story at hand. Ultron and his skynet are taking over the world!

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