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Trying to catch up

With so many things going on lately, I find it harder to stay awake to do something as simple as writing. So I'm pushing myself to write as we speak, just after watching a crazy Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs playoff game that went back and forth. It was a pretty sick game, probably my favorite of the year thus far. Patrick Mahomes is on another level, hes basically a cheat code and should be banned from playing against other humans, he should go back to Olympus and play against the gods instead, although I think maybe Tyreek hill stole his speed from Hermes which also helps against normal humans.

So I'm currently on a "writers block" or a "writers kick to the face" in which I want to write but my brain isn't functioning properly. I write tons of notes. I'm still working on a story thats been an ongoing work in progress since 1993. I'm up and down with it for the most part, always changing things and trying to make it as perfect as possibly knowing full well its ok that it isn't perfect and never will be. If only I can convince my mind that it's ok for me to write and not be perfect sometimes. I'm also trying to figure out my sons story that I've been writing since he likes it and wants to know exactly where his character is going to go and how he's going to defeat the witches and other evils of the world.

Anime.....God Anime is so good at story telling. I have to say, Anime has some of the best plots, character development, and writing story wise of almost anything else. From Naruto and Demon Slayer, to Hunter X Hunter and Deathnote, I Just can't get enough of it.

My other current unwritten post is about my top ten favorite animated theme songs. I thought it would be pretty easy to pick ten songs that I love and at the same time stuck with me from childhood till now and some that I've heard as recent as last year, but its so damn hard to pick ten!

I'm tired. As I sit starting into the abyss of my computer wasting minutes of this Sunday as the dim light of a small lamp shines its evil light into my eyes, showing no mercy to my exhausted pupils, screaming silently to continue to write until he have no more energy, I wonder If I should just pack it in and go to bed. I do have to be up at 5am, although I don't usually fall asleep until 1230 or 1am, I guess that's the price you have to pay when you're Batma....I mean....

Ninja Turtles....Still waiting for a great live action film...since 1990..WTF.

GI JOE....Theres a secret out there...this year GI Joe is coming out with a revamped series and I can't wait. Well, unless the voices in my head lied about this whole thing.

Played Lego Marvel Superheroes today and realized, well I've known for awhile, that if I had powers I would not be responsible with them at all. I might go on a destruction spree or just use those powers in a most devious way, maybe become a super villain, I'm not sure I can withstand the temptation, and I'm not sure of why a lego game brought this thought out of me.

Kids are awesome. I have six. They're like Pokemon so I kind of collect them. They're so much work though, holy batshit Batman, they don't tell you that in baby school do they? Although I would not change one damn thing, It would of been nice if someone was like, "Hey man, kids are difficult."

I've been debating getting a arcade machine, Mortal Kombat to be more specific, but how many times would I even use it? I regret not getting the TMNT one, which still pisses me off, now its almost quadruple the price that it was, or I can get the newest model with a smaller screen and bigger price. I'm also debating on a new PC setup, to continue my writing of nonsensical Mikie facts, to slowly take over the world, to play games, and to start doing a podcast, which hasn't been greenlit yet.

Pro Wrestling has gotten weird, its like all the fans have declared civil war against each other. I don't remember the world of wrestling being this way, I remember loving ECW, WWE, and WCW at the same time, watching every single show that came on from all companies, including PPVs. Why are fans lashing out at each other now? Why does it matter if Kenny Omega is great or if you think he can never be great unless he proves it in WWE? Just enjoy the damn shows and if you like one company stop talking shit about the other companies just because you feel like you're better because of what you watch!

Cowboys suck. Lakers Suck. developed character, maybe of all time. Just saying.

Well on that note and the fact that I have no real idea what I wrote, It's time to go to bed. WOOO

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