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Trouble: My terrible streak

Yes, my streak of plus ten games of losing at trouble keeps me up late at night. Why you ask? Because I constantly lose to the same two people. Because somehow my mastermind of a six year old son, seems to almost always find a way to win.

I'm not sure if its because hes aggressive in his pursuit of victory or maybe because I'm not. What I do know is the times I am aggressive I pay for it dearly and lose worse than when I play careful.

Right now the pain I feel in losing at this game is felt every day, with every breath. Even now I think of how I can defeat my six year old in this boardgame that continues to destroy my confidence.

I play my six year old and his mother somewhat regularly and I feel sometimes alliances are being signed behind my back, until I see my son destroy his moms chance of winning like it was nothing, so that cant be it. The one time I got super aggressive it turned into a world war 2 like scenario, back and forth we took each other out, which ended with us both losing. That was the closest to victory I've had with the six year old, a stalemate second place draw.

To be honest, I dont know if I'll ever win in Trouble as long as the six year old plays against me. Maybe if I bribe him with cookies or hose him down during the game he would take it easy on me, but then again, he probably wouldn't.

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