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Travis Knight swings for the fences with new Bumblebee trailer

The new trailer came out and most of us sit in awe and wonder, did they finally get it right? Not that I didnt enjoy my mind numbing addiction that is Transformers, watching explosions and robots fighting each other in epic fights. But it seemed to be missing something.

We get to see several key characters what looks like to be on Cybertron, battling most likely right in the beginning of the movie. I think that's the route they will go, having a major battle on cybertron and giving us a glimpse to what I actually want to see. Bumblebee escapes or is chased off and heads to earth and the Decepticons give chase with the trio of baddies that are supposed to be in the movie.

What I'm guessing is he goes into hiding and the Decepticons make themselves known to the humans, trying to get help, as they showed in the trailer, marking Bumblebee as a criminal.

It looks good. It seems fresh and new and it seems like they will have more character development involved, giving Bee the spotlight with no other Autobot trying to take screen time from him, it will show exactly why hes such a fan favorite.

4.5 out of 5 Megatron blasts for just being pumped for the December 21st film.

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