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Transformers vs GI Joe?

Are we getting a Transformers GI Joe shared universe?

With rumors spreading of a new GI Joe collaboration with the Transformers as the supposed rumor lay with star John Cena seen in the movie trailer of Bumblebee is potentially secretly a first GI Joe. In the the GI JOE universe the first Joe is Joe Colton, who was played by Bruce Willis in GI JOE 2 Retaliation.

How they will accomplish this is anyone's guess, if its true anyway. The transformers story is at this point all over the place, most the movies were entertaining to me but didnt make much sense. (I'm just in it for fighting robots)

They are basing Bumblebee in the 1980s so they have time to base movies in an almost twenty year gap in order to produce some cool team ups and battles, except half the Autobots and Decepticon teams are not even on earth yet, so theres that. Or just reboot both damn franchises and start from scratch. Bumblebee can be the way into everything, it can save the Transformers and GI Joe in one swoop if this movie succeeds.

It could work. Both would work in secrecy and GI Joe would want to keep any battle or the knowledge of any aliens quiet. It wouldn't make any sense at this point if it wasnt a reboot, because where the hell were they in Transformers 3 in Chicago when all hell broke loose and war was everywhere? Home? Sleeping? Dead?

It also wouldnt make any sense if the Transformers were helping the humans but never went up against Cobra at some point if indeed GI Joe begins in Bumblebee.

Or should we all just say F It!? Just throw in the Transformers, GI Joe, Gremlins, Power Rangers and what ever you can think of in a movie that would undoubtedly be directed by Michael Bay who would have an explosion every twenty seconds.

Just give me a character driven action movie with the characters that we love in a story that actually makes sense in a long series of potential films.

Give me the war on Cybertron. Give me a Snakeyes vs Stormshadow solo film. Give me a damn reason to continue to hand my money in for entertainment purposes.

So here's to hopeful thinking that on December 21st, 2018 we are all blown away by the perfect Transformer movie that leads into a new GI Joe franchise.

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