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TMNT classic styled figures

Yes, I'm a big kid, and more importantly, I never let go of my fondness for the Ninja Turtles, so when I get an opportunity to buy those figures I usually don't hesitate.

Walmart put out the classic styled versions of our favorite fearsome foursome so I pounced like Tigger on Pooh bear. I originally just bought Leonardo and Rapheal, since there are crazy people out there who just buy out stock of certain things in order to resell at double the price. I on the other hand, just liked the figures.

The packaging and look of these ninjas are absolutely awesome and it brings me back to a time where I was a kid, except the adult me usually doesn't open these bad boys up. After buying all four at $12 and planning on just setting them up for something cool to look at from time to time, I saw Walmart was selling the figures at one store for like 7 bucks each, so I decided to pick another set up so I can open them up and set them up with the original Sewer play set I have. My seven and two year old usually try and play with the other figures I have set up, so why not let them play with these, I figured they'd love playing with them.

Quickly I found that they aren't the best built toys. One arm started coming off and one of the hands of another came loose. I remember the old toys being resistant to C4 and flame throwers, so I hoped these would be as well. I'm exaggerating obviously, but they were hard to break. These new figures however are easier.

Other than that, they look amazing and even have the information card on the back, which I'm saving off the ones that I opened. Definitely worth $9 to $11 bucks if you can find them. Don't over pay for these!

Grade wise, I'll throw the the figures a 78 which is a high C, due to the Nostalgia and the look in the packaging is pretty sweet. Play wise, not so great.

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