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TMNT Arcade1up

One of my dreams has come true! I would spend hours upon hours in the arcade playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and now I'm back to that state of mindset in life as I fight through the foot clan go stop Shredder from doing some heinous shit.

The cabinet is a fun piece that doesn't fill the room up and is definitely a great conversational piece that hits you with that Nostalgia as soon as your eyes glance at it. It took about 40 minutes to assemble the cabinet, maybe about 50 for the base and stool altogether, which isn't bad. The directions are pretty easy to follow and truth be told I didn't need it the second time around building one of these cabinets.

The screen is decent enough, but the four players that could potentially play at the same time will definitely get tight spaced. You'll most likely be touching shoulders as you play with four people. I played with three at a time at most so far and it hasn't been an issue that came up yet.

The artwork on the cabinet is great and same goes for the stool which was somewhat comfortable to sit in, although I prefer to stand. My two and seven year olds however love to use it.

The sound is incredible and the game play is fun like it should be. It holds the original Turtles arcade game that came out in 1989 I believe and Turtles in Time that came out in 1991, I think anyway, I'm to lazy to look, so those will be the years that it came out for now.

The arcade game was what I remembered but the Turtles in Time was definitely different, it had less levels and different characters than I remembered. The console version has more to it than the arcade, but even with less than I remembered it doesn't make it less fun.

I played through both games twice already with several other short lived games that life got in the way of, but I highly recommend this cabinet for any Ninja Turtle fan. It's expensive for the most part, but I lucked out and paid barely a quarter or the price which is amazing because I missed out on the first run of these cabinets.

The only thing I wished was that it had the console version of Turtles in Time, it was longer and had a VS mode where you can take your favorite Turtles into a one on one sparring match which is always fun.

The cabinet gets a 8.8 out of 10 Pepperoni Pizzas from me. Again I highly recommend the cabinet from Arcade1up, they make great products that are just wonderful to have.

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