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Titans trip over the Giants

I'm still in a state of euphoria after last night's victory, where the New York football Giants somehow managed to take down the mighty Titans. Much like Kratos taking down Ares, the God of War, the Giants who weren't given a chance against the mighty Titan Derrick Henry and his battle hardened former AFC 2021 powerhouse team.

The Giants came out the gate like it was the same old Giants, but it was a ruse. The Giants played Red riding hood, making it seem that they were innocent and incompetent, the Titans were the Wolf coming in for the kill, that's when the Giants pulled out a machete. That's what it was like....sort of. Well not really.

What I liked:

1. Andrew Fkn Thomas- he is a stud and will be the starting LT for this team for a long time to come I believe.

2. Stop the Run- Henry is one of the best, if not the best RBs in the league and they slowed him down enough to keep him from winning the game for the Titans.

3. Barkley- He turned into the old Barkley and didn't dance behind the line like he normally does. He hit the line, hit those in front of him and was more aggressive.

4. Run blocking- There were actual holes for our RBs to get through! I haven't seen one of these in years! It's a good sign that maybe our Giants can run the ball well this season and take pressure off our QB.

5. Jamie Gillan- our punter was phenomenal Sunday, I feel like he will be a pro bowler this season.

Hit me with the stats!

Saquon Barkely 18 rushes 164 yards 1 TD

6 receptions for 33 yards, he was the main reason we won Sunday. He did his job and more, even on the two point conversion, that was all him, most running backs get stuffed on that play. The Titans weren't fooled by the play, they had guys in position to make that tackle, Barkley just wanted it more. If he plays like this all year it's going to be difficult to not pay him, yet I don't feel like it's necessary to give a back a big deal, but at the same time do the Giants win this game without him?

Pass rush needs to get better obviously, protection in the middle needs a little boost, Jones needs to deal with his turnovers which usually happens in the worst of times. Other than that they played pretty decent football. This team loses this game if this was last year.

Toney.....they need to hug whatever problems they have out, because he is the best offensive weapon the Giants have and he played seven snaps, seven. Galloway and Stills played almost the entire Game, you're telling me these two are better than Toney? He needs to be on the field.

Giants have a long way to go before we start anointing them as a good team, but they can start by beating on the Carolina Panthers this upcoming weekend. That would sway even more people to the the side that the Giants, although are in a rebuilding year, they are here to win every week.

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