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Titans: Good or bad


Ok, I loved the Teen Titans series, I loved the Young Justice Series, which both featured Robin/Nightwing. I love the character. To see him in live action years after that debacle of Batman Forever in 1995 (although secretly I have a weird special place in my heart for The main song , 'Kiss by a rose', by Seal) and Batman and Robin(1997) which I get headaches just mentioning the movie

It's been over twenty years since we got anything in live action, so does Titans, in their first episode show Dick Grayson right? I think they did a good job at showing Dick having issues with once being Batman's sidekick. I also think it pushes him to be better than his former mentor. As a detective he can help people and find things out on his own.

As Dick Grayson works during the day, his alter ego Robin does so at night. I mean it's just a sample of what is in store for us, but hes alright so far. He had one fight scene where he kicked some ass, just showing us a little bit of what he could do against a handful of baddies by himself. He was mostly featured in the first episode, along with Raven and Starfire.

Raven was played well, I like how she cant control the evil within her and how sometimes she has to let go of that evil in order to escape certain situations. She can see things in her dreams and that's how she meets Robin. She saw the whole Flying Graysons incident and watched Robin's parents fall to their death. Shes oh the run from people that obviously know who she really is but they never really explain them, maybe in future episodes.

Starfire....I dont know what to say. I'm not sure the route they are going with her. She shows some of her powers when she is threatened. She doesnt seem to know who or what she is, because the first we find her shes in a car accident, the driver is dead, and men with guns are coming for her. So she has some sort of amnesia at the moment.

One of the best parts of the show was at the end, I completely forgot about Beastboy, yet there he was, in a tiger form grabbing some video games and taking off before changing back. The effects were actually really good and I cross my fingers that there will be a time in the show that he can turn into a T-Rex, but that may be a little to much.

All in all it was a decent beginning, it had my attention, and I'm hoping all involved pull it off.

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