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Throwback Thursday: Blade 98

Blade, a vampire serial killer goes on the prowl ending all immortals because he doesnt like them or himself.

That's pretty much it.

The original movie that pushed Marvel into a movie franchise, severely underappreciated on how that movie helped Marvel begin a successful transition to live action. Was it perfect? No. Was it ok? Yeah, it had its issues but it was a fun movie if you're into Vampires.

Wesley Snipes, was the perfect casting choice for the role and he played Blade amazingly in the 1998 film.

So after rewatching the movie last night, there were good and bad things about the movie, much like any picture we all have our own opinions.

So let's get right into it.

Plot B The day Walker taking asses and giving names...wait, strike that, Reverse that. The whole premise of Vampires with all their powers wanting more, felt right. What could they possibly want that they dont have? To be able to live a life, during the day. It makes sense. I guess. I guess more sense than Twilight.

Action scenes B- I actually liked most of the action scenes in this movie. It wreaks of the 1990s. Blade cutting vamps down left and right, stabbing them with silver stakes, it was just cool to watch them dissipate into nothingness, like they never existed. But it gets a minus for how they ended the fight scene with Frost. No sir I dont like it. It just felt dumb. Yes it was gory with blood splattered all over the place, but it didnt do anything for me.

Acting C I liked the acting for the most part, except for Vanessa played by Sanaa Lathan. I just couldnt get into her for some of the scenes, and some comments she made kinda made my head turn, but Blade did some weird shit too, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

Visuals B The visuals and effects weren't to bad, I wasnt really sucked out of the movie by it to much, except at the end when Frost takes on Blade. The exploding heads were a little to much for me

Bottom line, we got a cool ass Blade in this movie and the casting of Wesley Snipes was perfect at the time. Whistler and Frost was awesome as well. Is it the best Blade in the trilogy? I dont think so. But it was a decent start and didnt suck. Is it a great movie? Negative. It's a B rated type movie that you can get sucked into for a night. It's worth a watch, even if its once.

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