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Well, I did it again. I stopped writing! Why!? I write tons of notes on specific topics and then get karate chopped to the face with the thoughts of, "What does it even matter!"

I honestly don't know if it does, I just like doing it, almost like a coping mechanism to deal with every day life, which isn't bad at all. The truth is I'm still trying to figure out what this Website is about and what I want from it.

Originally I wanted to just write articles on things my cousin and I liked, pretty much anything we were intrigued about and loved we would write our opinions on it. As I tried to keep up with articles, plus Facebook posts, plus Twitter, and finally Instagram, I realized I just can't do it all. It seems easy enough, but if you're not willing to spend countless hours doing the work it's not gonna go anywhere. Especially when you have work and six kids, anything is going to be difficult time wise.

Currently I have multiple articles being written slower than a sloth, barely done but I'm to stubborn to move on from them, I need to finish those. Finishing. It's not my strong suit. I start things but can't seem to finish them off, maybe that's why relationships never work for me. Well, no, my issues are deeper and weirder than that. I leave things open ended, almost always.

I have multiple stories I still want to write, which includes my sons 'Land of LA LA' which he keeps asking about, so I need to just buckle down and write out the next few chapters. I also have another story, mostly a shit ton of notes that I have been up and down with for thirty years! Thirty!! The ideas and characters keep changing in my head!

Work is busy as hell, has been since covid for some reason. I guess people were at home so long they decided they needed to redecorate the house with new furniture. It's a pain in the ass job delivering furniture, but I'm with my buddy and we have fun all day, so much that we wish we had Go-pros on to record the shenanigans we do and go through with customers, just picture Super Troopers but with furniture Delivery guys, yes, we've even had the "Meow" conversations in front of customers and they didn't even understand what was happening or didn't pick up on it. Fun times. So fun and funny to us that we were thinking of doing all the real life situations we've dealt with in cartoon form.

You ever wake up and just go, "None of this shit even makes sense." I'm playing on a magical box, sitting on a moving chair, surrounded by toys and pictures of fictional characters while past wild animal just runs free through the house.

Have you ever just stare off into the Abyss of the black hole of your life choices? Where you would be if you turned left instead of right? This plague of thought often hits me before bed.

I think the thing I miss most as a kid is the innocence and being naive about the world that surrounded me. As a kid, your world is small and as you get older, that world expands way bigger than you expect it too. Not that I regret anything, since all my choices brought my kids into my life and they're the most important thing to me.

I've been debating getting a gaming PC lately, I'm still up and down on the idea, but something has been holding me back for going that route.

What else....Life has a way of bringing up the past. Nothing in the past stays buried I guess.

For the first time ever I didn't get a cold during the winter, all because of my mask which I only wear now because I look like a ninja, and who doesn't want to work looking like one of them, no one, that's who!

I saw some stupid video on a cow and milk and now my head and stomach are like, "F U dude," and I just like that have become Vegan. Hopefully only for a few days. I'm really hoping my mind and belly come to terms and get over what I saw so I can eat normal food.

I need to work out, shed some pounds, get back into shape for me, and I always feel like getting back into it until I sit and my ass becomes an anchor to the floor or chair and I can't seem to pull it back up. On that note, I'm a Planet Fitness customer who has been paying for like five years and only went five times. I should quit soon, since I'm just giving them free money.

Anyway, that's that. I hope you enjoyed my babbling about random stuff. Hopefully I can get in front of the pc tonight and get stuff written, unless The game Rebellion screams my name. Although, I'm in a endless civil war with no signs of the war to end, so It's kind of lost its power on me.

The posts main pic that I took at the shore looks like a Goblin dude eating a chip, so there's that.

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