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This weeks thoughts

As the week went on and the multitude of shows I've watched play in my head like it's on repeat, I've created a small list of things that are impactful enough to repeat. Some may have spoilers, so move along and dont look down....I SAID DONT LOOK DOWN!!!

1. Invincible....Holy hell, that was not just a show, that was an experience oozing with greatness. Omni-man and his son Mark, played by J.K. Simmons and Steven Yeun played their parts masterfully. Not just them, but every single person in this damn show played their parts perfectly. I cant get over that fact, because it doesnt happen often.

2. Naruto: This show constantly sucks me in to where time doesnt exist, I'm like in the God damn Hyperbolic time chamber in Dragon Ball Z, then I pay attention and realize three hours went by. Naruto is basically Goku at this point, but still not strong enough. Kurama, the nine tailed fox, is become a favorite of mine. Itachi and Sasuke have a very touching moment, which I loved. The main villain is Obito Uchiha, a former friend long thought dead of the Leaf village. Itachi defeated Kabuto and learned how to stop the reanimated, so the war is almost done with minus a few hiccups. Madara Uchiha is Superman strong and looks unstoppable and as of right now it looks like Madara and Obito are in charge, but for some reason I'm not buying that, something feels off. And where the hell is Zetsu? He disappeared.

3. The New York Knicks have won today against the Boston Celtics to be the 4th seed in the playoffs. Something no one thought possible. They worked hard and played tough all year long, what ever happens, the success they've accomplished this year will never be forgotten. Neither will Thibodeau for his coaching job. Hopefully the Knicks can take down the Hawks in the playoffs and move on, furthering this seasons amazing run.

4. Invincible: Yes, back to this show, as we talk about Omni-mans mission of "peace". I love the fact that he trys to fit in and does as much as he can as a human, but it all changes once his son gets his powers. It's like something snapped in him and he took out their universes Justice league because either, A) His mission was to take out the strongest in order to conquer or B) Maybe he thought Mark would help him and knew the super team would be a threat to Mark, so a preemptive strike was necessary. But doing that made Earth extremely vulnerable and open to attack by not just outside forces but from those strong enough to pose a threat from within Earths borders.

The government seems to be on the right side of things up until the end when they look like they're doing some shady shit all in the name of "Protecting Earth". Its such a great show.

5. Naruto: They always write these backstories for the villains that fuck with your head and make you feel for characters after you spent hundreds of episodes hating them. Most the backstories are from when they are kids and how they become what they are down the road in life. We all come down a crossroads in life, it's up to us to choose the right path and some just dont. They do what they do because they believe its the right course of action, not because he or she is bad, it's because they learned some horrible lesson in life and changed because of it. You feel for the bad guys, even for a moment, because you know deep down you don't know how you'd react in a similar situation, how you would respond in some of these life altering moments in life. It's good storytelling.

6. GI Joe: God they destroyed this property with the last two live action films. But I'm very excited for Snakeyes coming out later this year. I've said for the last ten years two things: 1. A Snakeyes vs Stormshadow solo film should be prioritized. 2. Rogue Squadron should be made, because having a Top Gun meets Starwars movie will be unbelievably great. But back to GI Joe. They need a gritty animated reboot, much like most of these nostalgic properties are getting as of late, including Masters of the Universe that's coming out soon.

Well that's that for now, even though all I did was talk about Naruto and Invincible, two shows well worth the watch, although Naruto has like a thousand episodes.

MVP this week is Mark Grayson voiced by Steven Yuen formerly Glenn of Walking Dead. His character is so good. He picks the name Invincible not because he is, but his values, his confidence, his way of living epitomizes his name. He doesn't falter no matter how bad he gets his ass kicked, he just pushes forward. This season he goes through a lot, especially at the end, he loses what might be everything to him. Hes gotta live with what he went through and as a Teenage, super or not, its incredibly hard. He might be the strongest of all when it's all said and done, but unlike most characters that have power, he will have had earned it.

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