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This weeks awards!

Welcome to this weeks Awards!!!! Yes, the nonsensical awards will be given out in whatever categories I decide to throw out there each week, so hold onto your butts and let's go! Oh, there will be some spoilers for certain shows or movies, so if that bothers you, run away! Go! Before it's to late!

Villain of the Week:

There was several choices going into this category, but none that jumped out at me more than Narutos enemy from the Akatsuki, Pain. His real name is Nagato and hes the acting leader of the Akatsuki, but secretly hes second in command. Now what makes him so evil? I havent seen his full backstory, but he went into the Leaf village and destroyed it. Not only destroyed it, he decimated most of the villages strongest ninja like they were nothing. But he believes hes doing what needs to be done for peace. Funny how that works. In his eyes, the leaf village is evil and needs to pay. Point of view is everything. But after wiping out the village and several main characters, then toying with Hinata who was trying to defend a downed Naruto, Pain decided to just toss her around like a rag doll before plunging his weapon into her back like she was nothing. Pain, is a dick. So for that, he is Villain of the week! Wooooo!

Fight of the week: This one was difficult. But I narrowed it down to three. King Kong vs Godzilla in Hong Kong, Pain vs Naruto, and Tanjiro vs the demon Rui....but that fight between Kong and Godzilla in Hong Kong was dope as hell. Godzilla put a beating on Kong in the beginning of the movie, Kong got round two, sort of, then Godzilla basically beat the ever living shit out of Kong, leaving him for dead while he went on to fight Mechagodzilla. It was pretty sick! I gotta give the award to Kong vs Zilla, from round one to round 3, it was a crazy fight that played out perfectly. The fights we got in this film is what I wish we got from Godzilla 2014 and King of the monsters.

Moments of the week: Holy shit, there were a ton of great moments in movies and shows, so many that I'll just consider it a tie. King Kong and Godzilla teaming up was awesome and it made Kong the hero of the movie, even though Godzilla won the one on one encounter, Kong defeated the over powered Mechagodzilla with Zillas help.

Itachi Uchiha....wasnt evil. In Naruto we believe Sasukes brother is evil and betrayed his clan as well as the hidden leaf village, but that's not the case. The fact is he is more deep than just being power hungry, he loves his brother so much that he sacrifices himself to help his brother get stronger. Not only that, its found out that the hidden Leaf isnt really good, that they're shady as fuck. Itachi is a good man, it's just the world that's fucked up.

Another quick moment that was awesome was from Konohamaru, a character that was annoying, but now he's awesome. He learned several moves from Naruto, including Rasengan, a move that Naruto learned from Jiraiya. The move fucked up one of the pains, it was a great moment.

Another amazing moment was from Demon Slayer, where Tajiro looked like he went Super Demon Slayer and took his Water breathing fighting style to a whole new level against a tough opponent, not only that, but his sister who is a demon used her blood magic to double team a surprised Rui who didnt understand how they were getting through his almost impenetrable defenses. But just like that, he showed resilience and the fact you cant just take his head that easily. In comes Giyu Tomioka who is a elite demon slayer who was sent by the Demon Slayer corp, who just fucked Rui up without even blinking, he came in like Goku and sent the demon to hell without really trying, it was awesome.

Episode of the week: I could of gone with Naruto with this one, but Black Mirror: Shut up and dance. What a fucking insane episode. The episode is about people being blackmailed by an unknown person or persons and made to do things after they're caught. We basically follow a kid, maybe late teens or early twenties who is caught masterbating on camera, which is embarrassing, and because of that he begins a bunch of small missions for the unknown people that didnt seem to make sense until the end. He committed a robbery, he even had to fight someone to the death, so he murdered someone. He did all of this because the unknown people wanted him to in order for what he did to go away. So we feel for him, but you realize all the people they get to do these insane things, did something terrible, from small to large. With the kid, you didnt realize what hes done until the end when its hinted that he was looking at underage girls, and immediately you want that character to get hit by a car. What's better than that? How about that character will be charged for not only watching underage girls, but for murder, and robbery, the dude is going to prison for half or more of his life which makes me happy. Fuck that guy. But again, Black Mirror is just full of episodes of mind bending stories that keeps you entertained. I highly recommend it.

Well there you have it. This weeks awards are finished. Woooo! So tune in next time, same bat time, same bat channel.

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