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They're giving us Kylo!

Ah...Star wars, you amazing cuddly bastard you. I'm glad you and Disney got together, well, for the most part. Yes, news of a Kylo Ren prequel is spreading near and far and I for one cant wait for it. A movie that shows exactly what Ben Solo was going through and what pushed him towards the darkside, because we all know each characters point of view will invariably be different. As we wait for the upcoming The Rise Of Skywalker on December 20th, it's nice to hear that we are getting a film showing a little of Kylo's past which will hopefully lead up to the betrayal of Luke and his jedi academy. It can also be a place to bring in other characters that may have been off world or escaped.

I for one wouldnt mind them bringing in EU characters from the books which have not been made canon as of yet. Guys like Corran Horn who made his debut in the book Rogue Squadron. Seeing exactly the point where Luke Skywalker loses all hope in the world might make The Last Jedi more bearable, I doubt it, but maybe. But seeing Ben turning into Kylo, getting more of a backstory on Snoke, maybe getting a bigger picture of the galaxy and First Order as a whole instead of trying to figure that shit out myself, that would definitely help me like Last Jedi a little more.

It also brings up the point, are they doing this because Kylo is gonna die in the next movie? Because from what I've read Kylo will turn to the light but die, allowing Rey to defeat the Emperor, which makes no sense, but I'll leave that be for now since it needs it's own blog to even discuss. What do you think, is Kylo Ren getting his own movie a good sign or does it mean we are losing him in the next movie? #Starwars #KyloRen #Disney #LukeSkywalker

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