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The Umbrella Academy

Umbrella Academy is a fun and entertaining roller coaster of a ride. There are times of humor, excitement, and absolute anger towards things that happen. Its emotional and the character development is great, you feel for each person and what they go through.

Characters who I thought were annoying grew on me. The scenes feel magical and I got lost in their world, hoping they pull their mission off, crossing my fingers that no one was lost during the season, constantly waiting for the next twist and turn. I fell asleep after binging most the episodes asking myself questions that kept me up at night. What's gonna happen next? What happened to a certain character? Where are they gonna go with the next episode?

The music is absolutely amazing and fitting, brilliantly done. The plot is superb. The characters are fleshed out and greatly written. The actors and actresses did an amazing job all around.

By far this show is amazing and I didn't even feel the need to watch it, but now I ask myself, "How did I even have that thought in my head?!"

Amazing show with even more potential to become even better, 5 stars for all around genius that this show was written, directed, and acted out.

Just realized I didnt even mention what the show was about, that's how excited I am about this show and I'm not gonna ruin anything about it. Watch it and let me know what you think in the comments below!


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