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The Tag Team champions that never were

It was 1994, I remember like it was yesterday. In my head pro wrestling was everything. And going into the 1994 Royal Rumble I was all in on Owen Hart and Bret Harts tag team championship match.

I, unlike many fans didnt turn away from Owen Hart when he lost his shit at Survivor Series 93, I stayed firm and stood behind him. It was a set up for him to turn heel and at the time, I didnt realize the simplicity of storylines, to me, this was life. Pro Wrestling was real, wasnt it?

Owen Hart and Bret Hart had a falling out but after much deliberation they became a team, a team hell bent on becoming tag team champions against another Canadian born team, the Quebecers.

I couldnt wait for this match. Owen and Bret, brothers who were to much of a match for those stupid Quebecers and their manager Johnny Polo. I felt confident that my boys would get the job done and handle their business, but it wasn't meant to be.

As time went on and Bret looked hurt I began to yell and get frustrated, "Tag your damn brother Bret!", I screamed. My face full of astonishment as Bret, injured and barely able to move, somehow managed to get the sharpshooter on Pierre, I thought maybe, just maybe he could pull this off. Seconds later that hope dissipated along with any chance of the Hart brothers being tag team champions.

Owen Hart began to lose his shit again and I felt for him, all he had to do is tag him, they would of won, Owen was fresh and ready to kick some ass. He would of came in hot, knocked the stupid Mountie off the apron and then placed The stupid future pirate Pierre in the sharpshooter for the victory and the tag team titles. Instead, Owen was left broken and hollow, knowing Bret Hart had selfishly put himself in the spotlight, even though he was injured, he wanted to win that match, so that Owen would still be in the Hitmans shadow. So that Owen would always be reminded that without Bret he wouldnt have what he had.

I wasnt even mad that Owen Kicked Bret Hart on his injured knee sending his brother crashing down to the canvas as Million dollar man laughed his ass off on commentary. It was a moment for Owen, a moment of clarity that he realized he needed to step out of the giant Shadow Bret casted above him. This wasn't a step, it was a giant leap.

"All you had to do was make the tag!" Owen Hart had a right to be pissed. They were so close to winning gold and it was taken away from them because Owen's partner decided to play the hero and failed.

Bret Hart was selfish. He screwed his baby brother over at Survivor Series 93 by being in the way and then having a hero complex and screwing up winning the tag team championships.

This is coming from a Bret Hart fan, Owen deserved that win in January of 1994 you son of a bitch! Way to ruin that paperview for me.

Not that I hate Bret Hart, I was just pissed that he screwed up his chance to become tag team champs with Owen Hart that night.

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