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The Star wars game we need

When I say 'we', I actually mean me, yeah I'm being selfish here.

Not that I dont enjoy Battlefront and its sequel, I did, but I want more. Actually that's far from the truth. Less can be more. Instead of having all eras in a single game, start with one, much like they do in Battlefield and Call of Duty, they focus on one time frame and that's exactly what I want them to do here.

Now where do they start? The clone wars! Of course! There is a plethora (always wanted to use that word in a sentence) of characters, storylines, vehicles, and planets that they can pull from and use to make a compelling amazing first person shooter.

The game would could start on Geonosis, the first major battle ground, the planet the clone wars began on, as troops and vehicles drop down to the dusty terrain firing everything they have at the oncoming defending Separatist forces. The air is covered with Acclamator cruisers, Droid star fighters, LAATs, V-19 Torrents as chaos looms over everything.

Make your main character a clone in story mode and throw him right on the front lines. Have him deal with the the fact that right off the bat, most of his platoon goes down hard and the people that are left become closer.

Have epic chaotic battles over different terrain, atmospheres, and in space. Have the first game based on the first few months in the war.

I want hordes of never ending droids firing and marching towards your position, I want strategy based off of what's happening, I want the air filled with dog fights, I want LAATs dropping off troopers right in the center of battle, I want Heroes based on the operations that are being conducted and not just random jedi as done in previous games.

Give me a story mode based on several characters and points of view, but new characters, jedi that aren't at the forefront of the stories, or jedi that had parts to play in the Clone wars animated series, Kit Fisto, Adi Gallia, and Shaak Ti could work. On the separatist side you could have A vicious General Grievous and a cunning quick striking assassin Asajj Ventress.

Bottom line I want a war story, something entertaining, fun, and makes me want to keep playing. EA needs to step up their game and figure this out.

Put all of this in a storyline right off the bat in the game and I will gladly hand you my money.

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