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The Santa Claus

Here's my idea for a new Santa Movie....because its almost that time of the year and Im bored at the moment. So here it goes, just quickly throwing together something that sounds weird and crazy.

Santa Claus is down in the dumps. He's been depressed and lonely. One night while tending to his Reindeer, he was violently kicked in the head. Everything becomes fuzzy. He knew he was Santa...but what was he supposed to do? That's right it's Christmas time! Time to make bags to steal the children!

With a night of nightmarish kidnappings and screaming into the night by young kids being pulled to their impending doom of being stuffed into his magic bag, he arrives home. "It's time to make these humans believe in me again!" He exclaimed. As all the toys, elves, and animals gathered around he yelled, "Gather the armies!"

The north pole erupted into a thunderous applause. The time has come for human civilization to understand the true meaning of fear.

The Santa Claus

He sees you when your sleeping,

He knows when your awake,

He knows if you've been bad or good,

So be good for goodness sake....

On December 25th...Be prepared to hide the night away.

So...yeah, Santa kidnaps children because Donner kicks him in the fucking head and he feels like he should wage war on humans with his magic and elves and probably his stupid friend Frosty. Why this is in my head Ill never understand.

This should be a short story. I just dont have the patience to write it. So does anybody have some weird ass idea for a short story or movie in their head? Comment below and remember to sign up to get all of our crazy posts.

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