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The Rings of Power S1 E1


The beginning of this first episode got me pumped up! Fucking Elves leaving their home to sail to Middle Earth to fight an unknown enemy, an evil that can't be defeated by anyone else? Hell yes! The montages we get from the battles are awesome, although quick, but you get the point. The Elves sacrificed their immortal lives to destroy that evil and afterwards tried to make sure the darkness doesn't return. Morgoth was an evil more destructive than Sauron, more dangerous, and needed to be destroyed. That apparently happens in a great war but one was left to pick up the pieces, a powerful sorcerer named Sauron who simply disappeared.

After the war and defeating Morgoth, the Elves sent pretty much a Death pack of assassins to find Sauron and destroy him for what seems to be forever. They travel far and wide trying to find him, as he performs the Lord of The Rings version of Waldo. The main character Galadriel, who lost her brother against Sauron, searches tirelessly as the leader of this Elven group, and refuses to stop despite her unit saying, "Fuck this shit, we've been doing this forever, Sauron and the evil is gone!" She has no choice despite potential evidence to turn back.


I hate Elves. Galadriel killed a Snow Troll who was minding his own fucking business just hanging out at home, most likely reminiscing about old times with his homie Sauron and then Elves broke in and stabbed him.

The show is pretty interesting and has beautiful landscapes so far, which is expected.

Two guys who look like they are mutated Sasukes from Season 5 of Naruto are Hunting, meanwhile hiding within the forest is Willow mother fuckers, a lot of them. Fucking Willow.

Elves have perfect hair, why?

Lindin, capital of the elves, I'd like to live there. I hate Elves, they're all high and mighty, thinking they are better than everyone else.

I want to see Dragons fighting giant Eagles like in the montague again, I can't get over that scene that lasted only a second.


Elves are like the police force of Middle Earth, waiting for evil to arise and they are being sent back home. Nothing to see here I guess, the Elves have the most powerful army and believe they need to be in Middle Earth to protect it from the darkness that may or not be there. The humans I think are getting a little tired of these pointy eared assholes harassing them for information on things that may have disappeared forever.

The end of the first episode sent Jesus to Middle Earth, I hope he's got Super Saiyan powers. It was kinda weird and obviously I'll know more as I get to episode 2, but the meteor man looks like he's gonna be a powerhouse. Maybe it's the world balancing itself out, Sauron is out there, the balance of strength needs to be on both sides.


Galadriel is a ninja who said fuck immortality in a heavily place "Im out" and jumped ship. Mad respect for her. All I'm thinking about is sharks that she needs to fight in order to get back to middle Earth since the High Elf leader sent some of his best soldiers back home to live forever. I don't trust the high elf.

Arondir is cool as fuck as a ninja elf, forgot to say that. He's meddling with a human which is a big no no, but he can do what he wants. He's guarding and searching for evil as well. He coincidentally learned of a cow who is sick and instead of milk, black goo comes out of her, which pushes him to investigate wherever she ate from, so the ninja elf heads off to find out if what his gut is telling him is true, that darkness still lives on.

It was a pretty good first episode of introducing us to the world that lives for now, a world thousands of years before the stories we all know, about the beginning of the greatest darkness Middle Earth has ever known. I liked it. I'm interested in the story and how Sauron is secretly building his empire in the shadows, quietly, smartly. I have a feeling men and Elves won't get along too much in this at first, there just seems to be some animosity for some reason.


Episode 1 of season 1 gets a 84 out of 100 for grabbing my attention and opening up more of this world for us. Some shit was weird, but it's ok, those damn Hobbit sized creatures and whatever their story is was somewhat boring to me, that dropped the score for me. I'm reall